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  1. I’m rolling him out there. The waiver wire in my league is a waste land.
  2. He’s a catcher, the position is wearing. 1st thing that goes is the bat bc the legs r worn. Keep him fresh and he will produce. 4-5 starts a week is valuable. He’s deff top 3 catcher right now.
  3. I agree with that, im in a 12 team keeper league. Have him @ 20th round value. He is one inning away from being great, unfortunately that one inning is always bad. I’m hanging tight.
  4. If he’s on the juice?...come on guys...if u haven’t noticed it’s been prolly one of the weirdest starts to a year in baseball one can remember. The hits aren’t falling but he’s hitting the ball hard...The dongs will come. If u have faith in the team uve drafted anything can happen. Adapt or die...and right now Jram is a bench, pick some1 up to fill weekly or daily. But don’t bring up “juicing” that sounds like ur high school girlfriend breaking up with you. “Jram and I were so in loving going into senior year but he stoped juicing, now it’s over” Come on.
  5. Yeah this isn’t the best situation, [...] he’s going to breakout of this...prolly will bust out the last 2 months of the season. And who ever hangs tight or owns him will win the league. My hott take. Lol
  6. 5 game hitting’s only a matter of time. The homers will come in bunches, prolly time to start pushing to play.
  7. I don’t really see Elvis as a sell high. Not many people are going to buy into him. These seems like a horse you ride for as long as possible bc if you do have him, he cost you nothing.
  8. Just be patient, right now all the dodgers stats are being swallowed up by belly. When belly slows up...the Seagers/turners/pollocks will begin to show up. Prolly a good time to buy low. Just an idea.
  9. He hasn't been running bc he hasn't really been getting on base. Just bench him until he breaks out of this and that time is coming. The dbacks r facing a few lefties this week and next. Perfect way to break the slump! Right in time for the CHIP.
  10. Super excited for him, been holding since a trade last year. Be smart with the starts and ride the waves.
  11. I would be careful with Nova tonight, Pirates just swept the Cubs and the Cards just got swept by the Yankees. Don't see nova missing many Barrels. Prolly gonna be throwing a ton of barrel magnets out there. Runs will be scored.... Cheers! The Wizard