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  1. [...] I can’t fathom dropping Dahl at this moment. He’s a hold, is he top tier, at this moment, NO. But has he had flashes of greatness, he sure has. 

    Hold tight, RH pitchers, and Coors field, best way to break out of a slump. 

  2. I’m rolling him out, he’s had 3 Qs last 3. Now @ home vs a below average hitting Dbacks squad. Don’t let last night fool u, the Dbacks r who we thought they were. And How could u not love the increase in above average breaking stuff?? Sign me up. #Freeland2020

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  3. If he’s on the juice?...come on guys...if u haven’t noticed it’s been prolly one of the weirdest starts to a year in baseball one can remember. The hits aren’t falling but he’s hitting the ball hard...The dongs will come. If u have faith in the team uve drafted anything can happen. Adapt or die...and right now Jram is a bench, pick some1 up to fill weekly or daily. But don’t bring up “juicing” that sounds like ur high school girlfriend breaking up with you. “Jram and I were so in loving going into senior year but he stoped juicing, now it’s over” Come on. 

  4. Yeah this isn’t the best situation, [...] he’s going to breakout of this...prolly will bust out the last 2 months of the season. And who ever hangs tight or owns him will win the league. My hott take. Lol