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  1. Several articles online have him breaking out even further this year with an above average slider, solid curveball, and adequate fastball. Others have him fighting for a rotation spot. Whats everyone think? I’m in, especially in this era of instability among SPs.
  2. I picked up Ian Thomas who I think did 1 point but didnt need it...but this week going against a 14-1 team with McCaffrey prob guaranteed 30pts for him I’ll need every one I can get.
  3. Lol— so people starting Hooper after last weeks egg? Prior to that he had a decent floor.
  4. Jones hurt* GTD
  5. With him healthy apparently, and Jones out, he seems safe to start. Wheres the who to start thread on here? I had a post deleted once and am not trying to break rules but didnt see it. Debating Hooper or Trey Burton.
  6. With multiple reports suggesting Bell won't be coming back to PIT in 2019, how much does this boost Conner's stock in a keeper/dynasty league?
  7. I’m thinking about making a trade for Span in an AL-only. Anyone forsee any issues with him ROS? How will Canos SSPD ending impact him if at all? Rumblings of OF trades for SEA?
  8. After last night's ESPN prime time game, it was said that "Ohtani is likely to need Tommy John Surgery". Numerous articles confirm that possibility. I think this is great for Fernandez. Pujols shifts to DH fulltime again, and Jose plays 1B full time. Correct?
  9. Starting today? LAD has had some notoriety being poor against LHP, this guy can be a ticking time bomb though.
  10. two-start week coming, worth an add or destined to regress @CIN and @PHI?
  11. Start a new thread for this guy? What are the thoughts on him heading into 2018? Seems to me to have huge upside at his expected cost in auctions due to injury discount.
  12. Thanks! We sometimes discuss jokingly if we're their private customers or what because we've never heard of it anywhere else! It's an AL-only league started in the early 90s pre-internet and that's what was chosen around 2002 and we've kept it ever since.
  13. Has anyone used (or even heard of) Custom Stat? I'm mostly curious, I'm in a league that uses it and it seems ancient but works decently. Just never heard it mentioned anywhere.
  14. I have bought the Baseball Prospectus book for years now and enjoy it as well benefit from it, finishing in the money for 4 straight years in a 12team AL only. Does anyone have experience with their online website subscription? What do you think? The articles seem interesting but not worth $45 per year.
  15. angels - cam-bed i guess? what even happened here last year; BLAKE PARKER? astros - giles...? devenski? Devenski was not nearly as good down the stretch as his early season success might make him seem for the year. athletics - treinen? liam hendriks? chris hatcher? twins - hildenberger? resign belisle? sign somebody new? rays - colome until they trade him (then what?) TOMMY HUNTER? I could have 5 or 0 closers going into 2018 in AL-only league. Parker, Giles, Treinen, Belisle, Hunter, all under $5 except Giles. How many of these guys are closers to start the season? What's the ranking of most to least likely?