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  1. Hi guys, we just had an owner bail after he drafted, so we need a replacement owner. The league settings are ESPN 10 man 8 cat H2H, with a $20 buy in. Here is his team: PG: Fox, Rubio SG: Doncic, Brogdon, Clarkson SF: Ingles, Hunter PF: Zion, Ibaka C: Jokic, Mitch Robinson, Dwight, DeAndre Jordan We are a really nice, active group and he really blindsided us, so a replacement owner would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Link says I do not have permission to view the page.
  3. I would go with Doctson as well but it really is just a roll of the dice.
  4. No I would not do that move. I like Thomas over Hill due to stability and Mixon and Hunt basically hold the same value.
  5. In PPR I would go with with White 100%, especially with Kupp just coming back from an injury.
  6. I would go with Rivers as well. Definitely do not start Ben on the road at Baltimore, that could be an ugly outing even though Cam just tore them apart last week. I would not trust Carr after one good game even with the nice matchup. And if Brady cannot put up a big performance against Buffalo, I don't think Mitch does.
  7. I am riding Fitz this week. When Fitz is hot, you can't go wrong with him. Carr is not a guy I would ever feel confident starting even if he looked good last week.
  8. Just go with Richard. He should be decent and get you at least 10 in a PPR league with decent upside.
  9. Definitely do the deal with Ingram instead of Mixon. The question is whether you want to gamble on a slightly injured but better Gordon, or a healthy stable Hunt. Personally, I would take Melvin Gordon over Hunt because I just see him as having a higher ceiling each week.
  10. Thanks for the help guys. Can you see my team now?
  11. You could definitely go either way here but I think acquiring Ertz makes this a good trade for you. The TE position is such a wasteland and if you can downgrade slightly at RB to pick up an elite TE, I think you pull the trigger. As an Eagles fan that watches every game, Ertz is and always will be Wentz’s security blanket and I don’t think Tate will decrease his value much.