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  1. Tucker because this is dynasty and he has the better ceiling long term.
  2. Not even close for me. I would need more than that just for Nolan. Also I would be very insulted by the idea of having Means dumped on me. The guy won't help you much regards to wins, QS, and Ks and he kills your whip and era.
  3. 8 team league and Lux is the best player in the deal. Easy accept.
  4. I honestly don't know what a 44 year old WR coach for the Steelers is going to do for you at this point. I know the Giants spent a 1st round pick on him, but he honestly did not really do that much for them or the Bucs to make me think he would be worth rostering in fantasy baseball. I guess go for Adell. She might not help your team much, but at least she can sing the national anthem before games.
  5. Torres because long term it is much harder to find high end MI production than it is to find high end CI production.
  6. Add Mackenzie Pearson and then move that religious bird for a junior impaler and that born again oriole.
  7. I don't think I would do it, but in redraft it is very tempting. Walker is a much needed upgrade over Bum, but Pete is a lot. The argument I would make for doing it is that Pete could suffer that dreaded sophomore slump and if he comes out cold a short season just kills his value, Bum in a d-backs uniform as your #2 is not a good thing have, and that Walker and Gurriel should be pretty useful in a short season.
  8. I would drop James for Gore and that Z Bogaerts guys for Pearson
  9. Make the deal and please mistakenly post on the baseball forum more often. Seriously this is the first new topic in the past few days.
  10. I don't see the point of trading Freeman here. They are all 1B and Freeman is way better than the other two.
  11. In all fairness with a short season and expanded rosters it is not unreasonable to think that SPs might only get 10-15 starts this year so guys like Hill who can give you 3-5 really good starts have some value when were only talking like 8 matchups max before the playoffs start.
  12. No. Luis is a good SP, but I don't think he has enough short term value to make up for the long term value of what you are giving up. That being said if you do make the trade the addition of Luis gives you a really strong chance to win this year and next.
  13. No. I honestly think you could do better for Yelich.
  14. No Acuna>Trout Lindor>Bo Mad Max> Villar and Kluber