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  1. No 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999%
  2. Blue Jay. Better player and between the whole sneaking out of the hotel deal and the injuries this season I just can't see any reason to keep Mike over Bo.
  3. Unless cutting him helps you win now or there is a better dynasty own in FA I would just hold until the start of next season.
  4. I am not a fan of Stanton by any means, but NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Teoscar has been around for awhile and his career numbers suggest that this season is just an outlier and not a trend.
  5. Freeman, Hiura, Lindor, Harper, Snell, Thor, Mize, and the last one is a bit of a toss up between Kelenic and Luzardo, but I would go with Kelenic.
  6. Assuming this is cats I would go Moore. He was a pretty solid when he was healthy earlier this season.
  7. I have not owned Bryant in awhile, but if I have learned anything from the broads it is that Bryant super overrated and has about as much value as Miggy these days. Bohm easy.
  8. So your getting a top 5 guy for a guy that's about to turn 31 and has a combined 100 ABs and 6 HR since the end of 2018 and a guy that is currently out because of TJS and is not likely to pitch again until the end of next season at the earliest. What was your question again?
  9. Wow that is a nice haul for a guy that is about to turn 31 and has a combined 100 ABs and 6 HR since the end of 2018.
  10. Being he is already 30 and really just getting started at the MLB level I really doubt he has enough time left in his career to build his numbers up to HOF levels, but getting him for Ryu is a steal.
  11. I would undue all the trades and replace him. He does not know what he is doing and is going to unbalance your league hardcore.
  12. Dudes its an 8 team league so low end SPs like Kopech are easily replaced and Kelenic is dirt compared to the value of a proven young stud like Albies who is ranked top 30 in dynasty.
  13. Dude your basically getting Albies and Lance for dirt. Why is this even a question?
  14. Not in PPR. Gotta go Andelrelton Simmons. The guys got 3 platinum gloves and will rake in PPR.