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  1. Jake and Luzardo, but honestly they are all good picks.
  2. Its not 2017 anymore. Just say no to Miami Mike.
  3. FREE Freeland. He pitches for the Rockies so there's not really much more to say on that one.
  4. Did Rush really just suggest that someone take a guy that throws pitches over a hitter? Troll card revoked.
  5. Take the money and run. Your getting a good prospect in dynasty for a so-so SP who turns 34 on the 16th. Can't beat that.
  6. Would really like more team and scoring details, but in a vac I would go Byrant and Bell.
  7. If you really want him go like $10-15 range and you should be fine.
  8. I would do it. Byrant might not ever see MVP form again, but he is still a really solid dynasty own. Not a fan of D-backs pitchers and Verdugo has talent, but I think he ends up as a 50-100 own is his peak.
  9. Dear God no. Verlander and Ohtani are hurt right now and you said Workman is a drop so your basically trading Betts and Woodruff for Berg. Not to mention this is dynasty and your giving up a great player in his prime and a good SP for basically 2 old SPs and a guy that has been hurt most of the time.
  10. We are talking about a closer job so literally anything can happen. 2018: Blake Treinen is considered for the Cy Young 2019: Has a rough start to the season and immediately loses his closer job. 2020: He is now just another bullpen arm for the Dodgers.
  11. Is this really a question? Perez easily.
  12. B. Correa is still a very solid dynasty SS and I think Vaughn is best second player in the deal. C is a close second and A is third for me.
  13. The MLB comish is claiming that the season is in danger so yeah get Cody and have a sure fire keeper for next season.
  14. You mean to tell me that Manny still has trade value in 2020?
  15. Not a fan in redraft. I would rather have the 3 quality guys this year because if Yelich gets Covid or another Marlins situation happens with the Brewers then you auto lose that trade.
  16. Vlad. Jose only has maybe one or two seasons left were he will be a top 5 2B.
  17. A very nice power lineup and pitching is solid, but you could use another good arm. 4.5/5
  18. I don't know anything about either of them, but I do know a thing or two about owning guys named Cabrera (Miggy, Milky, and that SS whos name I don't want to look up how to spell).
  19. Take the blue light special and run.
  20. Pennies on the dollar for Nola. Nice.
  21. No you are giving up the best player in the deal and you should be getting Bregman plus something else. That and it a bigger downgrade from Yelich to Puig than the upgrade from Segura to Bregman.