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  1. Good deal. Do you wanna double check w/ your buddies or other guys who are in to make sure they are down with that? If not, I understand.
  2. Any chance this could be a small $$$ league? $10, 15, 20, 25, something like that? LeagueSafe. Simple and easy. Heck I can setup the Leaguesafe and make it Majority votes for the payouts
  3. I've got 3 from other league who can draft. So need 7. 5 x 5 ROTO. FAAB. Daily. Normal stuff, nothing wonky. ESPN or Fantrax, whatever majority want. Entry would be $10 - $30, League Safe or Fantrax Treasurer (again, whatever majority wants) Draft around 8:30 - 9 EST. Again a bit flexible, but gotta get kids to bed first.
  4. Are the points the same as the Fantrax Best Ball cash game setup or did you change them a bit?
  5. Roto or H2H? Pickups w/ FAAB? Daily or weekly lineups? Thanks
  6. Since Fantrax isn't offering BestBall anymore, setup a $10 BestBall for friends. Some spots open. 30 min time limit on picks so we will be done before season. Sleeps at midnight and then wakes back up at 9am. Exact same rosters, pts, rosters as normal Fantrax Best Balls. If not familiar, will draft 40 guys and it is PTS based. The system automatically takes your best players that week and scores them. Draft and then sit back and enjoy. No FAAB or forgetting to set lineups. 12 teams, pays top 4 ($60, 30, 20, 10). Uses Fantrax Treasurer, No Rake! Hoping to fill and start soon.
  7. Drafting is fun. Auctions especially. So here's a quick draft that requires zero in-season work. -Fantrax Best Ball -6 teams (helps keep quick!) -Top 2 cash, $40 and $20 -Auction draft Thursday night @ 8:30 PM EST -Best ball settings exactly like Fantrax Best Ball 10s. Draft 40 players, system automatically at end of week uses your highest scoring players to create your optimal lineup -No in-season work for owners. Sit back and enjoy Post here and I"ll send you an invite.