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  1. I'm picking the Lions! You heard it here first!
  2. so who's the #1 now, Malcolm Brown or DHenderson? Think they bring in someone else to start like Gordon?
  3. Risky business starting him against New Orleans! Much better off streaming someone else with a better matchup IMO
  4. Can't wait to cut him!!! Loser Not Playing - good riddance
  5. Makes sense, very logical! But then again logic doesn't seem to apply in this situation, just like last year with Bell...
  6. That's my thinking. Trying not to let the recent memory of Dalton looking horrible vs the Pats sway me - Pats D compared to Miami D is obviously no comparison.
  7. The carries have been about the same the last few weeks at least...
  8. Ended up having a very solid week after a slow start! Think he's a good play this week if Agholor is still out?
  9. Word is he may play this week but I'd say almost definitely just another tease. Anyway no way to trust that he'd make it through the game and actually start him in championship week. Dalton on the other hand, could be an interesting streamer if AJ miraculously plays...
  10. I could be crazy but I'm seriously thinking of starting him in championship week!!!
  11. You're starting Fournette over Mostert?
  12. Nope, start 2 RB's with no Flex and this is for my 2nd RB after Saquon...
  13. Been rolling with Fournette all year but debating sitting him championship week in favor of Mostert! Crazy to do? Fournette is at Atlanta and Mostert is home vs the Rams. Would love to get some opinions and analysis thanks!!!!