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  1. I have no doubt he was a bad child, worse teenager and a deplorable adult. It would seem he surrounded himself with people who were singing his praises no matter what he was doing. I think in his deluded mind he didn’t pay his debts because he thought he should get everything he wanted for free because it was a privilege to work for him. The NFL is losing fans because of scumbags like him. I’m all for getting a second chance but it would seem like his many discretions have only taught him how to be mo devious and leaning towards physical crimes against human beings trying to scratch out a living. I hope I never have to see this POS ever again. And to the guy saying it’s retaliation from the police you have to get a grip. It’s not a conspiracy or fake news. Dudes evil.
  2. He can’t drop back and throw with consistency whatsoever, his easy throws are due to the defense collapsing to stop the RPO. When he loses his burst/speed he will be RGIII. Taysom Hill is practically the same guy less wigggle more power.
  3. BAMF... is there anybody harder to tackle in the open field.. maybe DJ Moore.
  4. A couple more seasons like he’s had and I will be announcing him as the GOAT. He is the Truth!
  5. He’s probably played his last down. I hope the younger generation of players take note.
  6. I don’t see GB being able to stop him, only Jimmy G can. Here’s hoping he can lead the charge and put Rodgers out of his misery.
  7. Play to win, whatever you do always try to keep the integrity of the league as the most important aspect.
  8. I don’t see how Balt can stop Henry, Balt defense is already gassed,
  9. I’m excited to watch him destroy The Baltimore defense. The Titans are going to have to run some effective play action to give him room to get momentum, if so he is going to be very difficult to tackle. Let’s go Tenn!
  10. Can’t wait to see Aaron pouting. I hope the officials don’t steal the game from the Seahawks.
  11. Brady and BB are inseparable. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. They can’t afford to have the other inadvertently spill the beans about one another. First one to rat doesn’t get immunity.