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  1. This is why i stopped playing fantasy football. Its been taken over by sports gambling (vegas, fandual, deaft kings etc etc....). Stop wasting your time....these people really wait for all your lineups to be made, for them to change the playcalling to their advantage. Perfect example tonight....who the hell is Pringle???? bet you he is a very select # of suspect lineups, stealing all your moneys lol. #facts. Give up, this this is beyond Rigged.
  2. This guy pitches scared. Every freaking pitch is outside....outside fastball,outside change up. I don't understand the game calling. Its simple when You keep throwing outside so much, the hitters just keep looking outside. Dude throws outside so much that the hitters recognize right away when the pitch is in and react , and crush it like tonight. The talent is there, but damn MIX IT UP. He should study some old Tom glavine tapes, tom wasn't overpowering like Erod, but he mixed things up.
  3. Yeah he was drafted pretty high for a wr...but at least howard had a few solid games.
  4. I'm sorry but Chris Hogan runs away with biggest bust award for players that actually played all year, and it's not close.
  5. Or course, all this talk about ware and Conley... Its all Kelce. I swear i feel like the Offensive coordinators read these forums, just to mess with us. Im done
  6. Never listening to this thread again.... Chicago weather this chicago weather that. Bs
  7. Trying to figure out which WR from greenbay os going to have a great week is a head ache. Rodgers has so many weapons. He may throw for 5 tds today one to each of this players lol.
  8. I think its seth Roberts getting the check downs at the slot.
  9. Finaly gets to play on the outside, opposite end of Jordy after the cooper trade. Everyone adding Jordy, but this is the guy that's going to be open sunday.
  10. Kimbrel + Hader + Hildenberger = Combined 2.2 innings 11 er, infinity Whip Ratios Destroyed, will take me 3 weeks to fix, oh wait, only 4 days left in the season. i just lost first place. Im done with fantasy baseball Unreal.
  11. This is why you can't play Daily leagues like fandual/draft kings. Everyone drafting TE james and TE O Howard. (Common sense) Instead its Brate and V McDonald that score the TDs. I think these NFL games and Daily leagues are fixed.
  12. Need the good Clevinger to show up. you know, the 8 ip, 10k guy. : )
  13. Picked up Zack Winner right before he turned into an Ace . My guy alone fixed all my ratios.