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  1. My keepers Josh Jacobs round 4 George Kittle round 5 Will go with Zeke or Barkley whichever one falls to me. Rd 2 If Hopkins WR falls to me will go with him. Otherwise, Which RB in round 2 do you like? Aaron Jones, James Conner or Chris Carson? In what order? Will help with yours
  2. With one eye closed Mahomes and Chubb Good Luck
  3. Good batted ball skills, speed and base running skills lead to higher than average BABIP. Higher than average line drive % also bodes well for future success. With Bichette's skill set, I think it's likely he can sustain for the next 8-10 years at least (only 21 yrs. old). I think he hits 20-30 points higher than Torres and his advantage in SB makes me lean Bichette. Career MILB Batting Average (over 1200 AB) .321 MLB batting average (255 AB) .322 Power Speed #4.4 leading MLB this year. Bichette is only the 3rd player in MLB history to have 38 extra base hits in his first 59 games. He joins Joe Dimaggio (46) and Cody Bellanger (38) as the only others. Stats from baseball reference. The good news? You can't go wrong either way.
  4. My catcher is Narvaez. WW catchers: Kiner-Falefa, Severino Tired of waiting for Narvaez to start hitting. He misses games and doesn't hit when he does play. Would you replace him with either of these catchers.
  5. Stick with Alvarez/ Anderson. Good Luck
  6. Ohtani will soon become a hitter only. He will also find a position in the field, probably outfield or 1B. With enough games to qualify at a position. Once he focuses on hitting, he has the skill to produce in the 35/20 .285 range with 180-190 runs/rbi combined.
  7. No way I do that deal. Robert is a future stud. Montas good, but not in same class as Robert. Good Luck Help with mine?
  8. 1) Hill 2) Weaver 3) Keller (although i think he's close to weaver) 4) Yonny Agree with this ranking. Redraft only.
  9. Absolutely horrible deal for you. NO
  10. Agree with sitting Lowe for now. Mcneil is the must play.
  11. Vlad 100% for me. Good Luck Help with mine?
  12. I have Ohtani, Bichette or D. Santana to plug in for Utility spot. I have Bichette right now good combo of power and speed. Who would you start?