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  1. It's hard to say Peoples-jones is just as much as a threat. Could see either one panning out.
  2. I was shocked when they actually gave him a designed screen pass. Hope to see more of that going forward. He looked good out there and the Niners have a solid front 7.
  3. What in world are you talking about? His vision and patience are literally some of his best traits.... you've lost all credibility as far as I am concerned.
  4. And it makes zero sense 6 carries 15 yards. Wilson is terrible. Hasty is clearly their best back until Mostert returns. Just hoping he gets an opportunity to showcase it once again.
  5. I mean its been pretty clear. When Diontae is healthy (big if) He's #1 in the pecking order for targets.
  6. Diontae would have 3 TDS already if it wasn't for that one drop in the end zone. The kid is Stefon Diggs on the Steelers w Roethlisberger throwing him the rock.
  7. Yeah, if you are looking for a bye week filler go with Gio. Long term? Ab-so-frickin'-lutely rather have Trayveon. Bengals have given the highest usage to one back in league in Mixon I believe. They use Gio for a pass catching role which he is great at. However, we know he sucks between the tackles. Perine is a plodder and primarily used on game day for special teams purposes which is why he is active over Trayveon. Trayveon will be 100% active this Sunday because they finally have need for his skill set. Do not forget this kid led all of the SEC in rushing yards just last year. This reminds me and is very similar to JaMychal Hasty's situation in SF. The difference is there is a lot more certainty as to how long Mostert will be out. With Mixon there has been little to no information, which really makes me wonder about the severity. If any news leaks he is out for a prolonged stretch you could have yourself a gem here.
  8. Trayveon Williams boys not Samaje Perine. He's strictly on the roster to play special teams.
  9. This is the weakest argument I've ever seen. How many times in fantasy have we seen backup who have been on a team take a starter's role during the season and never look back. It happens ALL the time. Not to mention he is a rookie.
  10. The most confusing part to me is people act like McKinnon was ever good between the tackles runner. This isn't just a 2020 season thing. News flash: he wasn't good running between the tackles in Minnesota either. Nothing more than a scat back. This season has been a continuation of the same exact thing. Jeff Wilson - plodder. Tevin Coleman (pretty similar profile to McKinnon) He's honestly the best option they have... hopefully the coaching staff sees that.