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  1. Brady lead the league in passing completions of 20 yards or more until week 6. After week 6 he had lost both Brown & Gordon. This whole Brady can't throw the deep ball narrative is garbage.
  2. Nobody is talking about this guy? He looks locked in this spring. Scorching the ball in the games I've seen him and the tools are pretty tantalizing. I feel like the hit tool is being underrated here too. We are talking about a player who didn't K more than 17.7% in the minors and actually improved upon that during the year in AAA. Took a bit to adjust in the minors as well, but I feel like once he makes whatever tweaks he has to on the MLB level he's going to be a steal.
  3. I'm really thinking Omar Narvaez is getting over looked with the massive park & lineup upgrade. Look at what people have done after going over to the Brewers recently. Yelich/Cain/Grandal etc just to name a few...
  4. I don't know if this has been brought up but he changed from a leg kick to a toe tap which is what launched his late season success... if he gets PT look out. This breakdown is great! Must read.
  5. I think he is a solid stash. I believe both Burkhead & White are FA next year. If you look at the Pats history they usually draft an RB and give them a red shirt year before they really see the field. Maroney, Ridley, Vereen are just a few examples there are a couple more. Injuries forced their hand on Sony a bit last year with Hill going out with an ACL, etc. He's definitely worth a stash depending on what they do in the offseason
  6. Blake Jarwin TE Cowboys. Witten's contract is up at the end of the year, if he gets the full time gig - look out.
  7. I've been thinking along the same lines. He always pops on screen everytime I watch the Skins. He has looked just as good as McLaurin in recent weeks IMO... If only they had a QB.
  8. Would of had 2 back to back 100+ yard games if not for penalties taking back big runs both games. Tone would be a little different in here I bet. Imagine what he would be doing with Stafford in there to respect the pass more...
  9. When has McKissic or Ty Johnson gotten anywhere close to 14 carries like Bo did for the Lions. Since Kerryon Johnson has been out. The closest either of them have come is McKissic with 10 one week. That should speak volumes on their opinion of Bo Scarborough.
  10. I think he can establish some late season value if he can pry some carries away from Ballage this week (which I'm sure he will) and out shine him. Dolphins are going to have a lot of trash time and we already know he is gonna get all the receiving work. If he starts taking away a good chunk of the ground game as well we may have something here. This is the type of add you make to get ahead of the waiver claims for next week.
  11. No one is buying him taking the starter role from Ballage with how terrible he has been? 🤔 Already has great pass catching chops...
  12. How in the world are they batting him 5th? Obviously he has cured his woes. They need to move him up ASAP.
  13. I read it was a finger issue. I'll have to dig up the link.