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  1. Hunt and Henry, 100%. I'd monitor Baldwin's knee issue and heavily consider him in the 5th.
  2. RB1 McCoy RB2 Thompson WR1 Cooper WR2 M. Thomas Flex I think I'd go with Thielen
  3. This is dumb. Fact: AP was a quality start this week.
  4. Hope y'all ignored this gentleman and started AP.
  5. Thanks for the help with mine. It's gotta McBe either McGuire or McFadden...I think I'd go with McFadden, just because the Zeke situation has offered no clarity over the last couple of days.
  6. Nobody knows. Go with your gut -- I'd go with Lutz.
  7. Never thought I'd say to start 2 backs from the same backfield...but in PPR you've gotta start Kamara, and Ingram is a better bet than the rest. Kamara, Ingram, Jones, final answer.
  8. Le'Veon Bell or Matt Breida? EDIT: HALF PPR
  9. 0.5 PPR: Who do I start at flex? RB Gillislee RB L. Murray RB Breida
  10. Really depends on the rest of your team. If your starting receivers are weak and you need the WR depth, I'd drop Rawls. If your backs are weak and need the RB depth, I'd go for Brown.