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  1. Watching SF use both Mostert & Coleman, makes me wonder if GB does the same thing with Jones & Williams? Thoughts on Lynch? Does he go Beast mode vs GB or Wilson gonna have to chuck it a lot?
  2. @magic32 knock the crap off! If you dont agree with the posts, so be it. Dont get on here & bash. Anymore & you will be banned.
  3. I lean Tannehill, Mahomes, Brees. Tannehill may have to throw more if Henry is less than 100%. Mahomes was ok vs LAC last time out, but he will be solid, so they can avoid #4 seed. Cant argue going with Mahomes or Brees tho. Probably not much help. Lol!! GL!
  4. I think Hopkins is fine. Check his status & go from there. If Nuk misses, I like Slayton with Jones at QB. GL!
  5. Jacobs & Kittle. I know TE will be much deeper next year, with Waller, Andrews, & others, but Kittle is a top 3 TE. Next year, Jacobs will probably be gone in the 2nd for most drafts or at the latest the 3rd. If you dont want a TE that early, then I like AJ, especially if TEN resigns Tannehill. 11th rd is great value for a WR like him. Should only continue to get better.
  6. Agree with this. If you prefer RB, then I like Henry, if he sticks with TEN or signs with a team who has a good o-line.
  7. I like Sutton & Golladay. Like Chark as well, but JAX QB topic concerns me.
  8. All 3 are solid options. I like Lewis then Washington. But to be honest, could be a flip of a coin. GL!
  9. Mack, A Jones, & Boone. Thanks for mine and good luck!!
  10. ATL been playing well, so no arguments if you go Minshew, but Drake would be my next choice there. At WR, M Williams is a good option & Miller would be my next option. Miller probably sees more targets, but Williams gets the big yard plays. Thanks for mine and good luck!!
  11. I would go Drake & A Jones. Thanks for mine and good luck!