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  1. Everyone, please stay on topic. Dont agree with sources a person uses or a players value, just agree to disagree & move on. Thanks!
  2. In our H2H, points league, we have 13 hitters (1b, 2b, 3b, ss, CI, MI, 5 OF, 2 UT) & 9 slots for P (SP & RP, but only allowed 12 starts/week). This allows teams to have different draft strategies, regarding pitching/hitting.
  3. @edbuzz & @MoneyballRays lets keep to the topic of the baseball league & stop the talk of killing, racism, etc, or we will have to lock this topic. Take it to private messaging, if you want to keep up this banter.
  4. Guys, this gets ridiculous, where practically every day or so, we have to go through this. If you have an opinion on Tom Brady 2020 outlook or any other players outlook, then speak it. But if you dont agree with someone, then just freaking ignore their posts & move on. Guess what, not everyone is going to agree with what each of you have to say. Agree to disagree or stay off the forums. Very childish!!
  5. There is some, but just going off the league I am in, having solid SP come playoffs is huge. I like what he did last year & think SD managed him well. For those who are concerned, imo, there are no issues at all, on sticking with Bell. It really comes down to how each individuals league works.
  6. I think Bell has a solid year, but in my pts league, SP is huge. I would trade Bell for Paddack.
  7. @rob1173 & @gobuffer2012 take this to pm, if there are personal issues. The back & forth is ridiculous!!
  8. Watching SF use both Mostert & Coleman, makes me wonder if GB does the same thing with Jones & Williams? Thoughts on Lynch? Does he go Beast mode vs GB or Wilson gonna have to chuck it a lot?
  9. @magic32 knock the crap off! If you dont agree with the posts, so be it. Dont get on here & bash. Anymore & you will be banned.
  10. I lean Tannehill, Mahomes, Brees. Tannehill may have to throw more if Henry is less than 100%. Mahomes was ok vs LAC last time out, but he will be solid, so they can avoid #4 seed. Cant argue going with Mahomes or Brees tho. Probably not much help. Lol!! GL!
  11. I think Hopkins is fine. Check his status & go from there. If Nuk misses, I like Slayton with Jones at QB. GL!
  12. Jacobs & Kittle. I know TE will be much deeper next year, with Waller, Andrews, & others, but Kittle is a top 3 TE. Next year, Jacobs will probably be gone in the 2nd for most drafts or at the latest the 3rd. If you dont want a TE that early, then I like AJ, especially if TEN resigns Tannehill. 11th rd is great value for a WR like him. Should only continue to get better.
  13. Agree with this. If you prefer RB, then I like Henry, if he sticks with TEN or signs with a team who has a good o-line.
  14. I like Sutton & Golladay. Like Chark as well, but JAX QB topic concerns me.