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  1. I would try Allen & Shenault first. Think adding Kirk is a bit much. Or offer Allen & Kirk, for K Allen. Cam is probably droppable, since you have Ben. Thanks for mine.
  2. Flip a coin for me. Safe play is Woods, since they will have him get a carry or 2 tonight. GL!
  3. Yeah, I would make that deal. Zekebis too solid to keep down.
  4. I still lean Diggs, even though BUF offense is sputtering. Like his schedule better.
  5. I would consider #2, so you get Swift & also J Allen, for depth at QB, in case Herbert starts to struggle.
  6. Following RB are FA: Hyde, Hasty, Gallman, Perine, Moss, J Wilson (probably out a bit) Have #2 FAAB claim, with $125 left to spend. Who should I & how much? My RB: Mixon, CEH, Lindsay, D Freeman, Murray WR: K Allen, Moore, AJB, Landry TE: TJ & Tonyan. QB: Brady & Cam(dropping) Hyde for $65. Thoughts?
  7. Who are some FA? I dropped him in a 10 team, & traded him this past week in a 12 team. If solid options I would do it, unless Stidham stays at QB, which could help Edelman's value.
  8. If you are good at WR, I would go after AB. Brady didn't talk to TB to bring him in for nothing. GL!
  9. MT will eventually return & Julio is healthy so far. Deebo getting hurt doesn't help, but getting Hollywood does help your depth some. I would make the trade. Yeah, Chubb may return soon, but cant see CLE going away from Hunt, after the way he has been playing. Plus it helps you next week, with J-Rob out on bye & possibly Sanders. Thanks for mine and GL!
  10. After a whopping 3 carries, well after Wilson got hurt & game was out of hand, I would consider this. Not sure why SF has scripted McKinnon out, but cant see them using him a ton, even if Coleman doesn't return. Thanks for mine & GL!
  11. I lean D Moore. As for who to drop, where are you at in the WW claim order? I lean dropping Perine, even though I think he may be ok, but still on a NYJ team, whose coach still loves Gore. Moss may be creeping back into more touches & if Coleman doesn't return, Hasty is probably the guy next week. GL!
  12. Is Hopkins okay? With your comfortable lead, I would probably go DK & Hopkins, as long as Hopkins is good to go. He will neutralize some of Murray's potential. But if any concerns on Hopkins, like the strategy of the 2 SEA WR & hopefully offset any of Wilson's connections to them. Thanks for mine & GL!