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  1. The guy with Kyler has Tannehill who I think he might be more confident in than he should be. The guy who owns Herbert has Mahomes
  2. That Stafford matchup could be juicy with lots of points for both teams ... for one week I’d probably roll that as long as Stafford looks good this week. If it were long term I like Herberts schedule better
  3. In a vacuum, Diontae over devonta all day for me. Never trust a team from New York for fantasy success
  4. I like gaskin in the flex over Anderson. Think Miami rolls these guys and Gaskin has a little extra to run for with the near signing of bell
  5. Lost Dak, and in a 1 QB league. And currently 3-2. It is cockamamie and the QBs on free agency are Rivers, Garoppolo, Carr,Lock, Darnold as all teams are hoarding QBs.. I picked up Fitz for this week and stashed Tua … would you offer Golladay for Kyler, or I think I could get Herbert for maybe a Damien Harris or Melvin Gordon Potential offers — Golladay for Kyler or Gordon/Hollywood for Kyler(I don’t think the guy accepts this one) Harris or Gordon for Herbert another one might be — Gordon/Hollywood for Montgomery and Minshew Qb: Fitz/ Tua RB: Sanders, Carson, Gordon, Gibson, Damien Harris WR: Mike Thomas, Tyreek Hill, Golladay, Marquise Brown, Tee Higgins TE- Waller, Higbee
  6. 5 PPR Melvin Gordon owner.. I was offered Philip Lindsay for Damien Harris, what do you think? Might be nice to lock down that backfield Other RBs— Carson, Sanders, Gibson, Melvin Gordon The Lindsay owner also owns Akers, so I guess a second question would be if you prefer Akers to Lindsay
  7. With the Pats and Chiefs receiving additional tests tomorrow morning, would you risk it and Start Mahomes or play it safe and start FitzMagic?
  8. I wouldn’t do it, your RB depth would be depleted and we don’t exactly know what Godwin will end up looking like in this TB offense. Unless there is another way to add RB depth after trading Fournette, Id decline thanks for the help on mine
  9. It’s a pretty fair deal, as he said above it comes down to your record and if you need a win this week. I own Carson and personally wouldn’t ship for CMC right now. In a couple weeks maybe as CMC gets closer but right now no...
  10. I probably don’t do this, mostly just cause I trust Zeke more than Cook. Wouldn’t blame you at all if you pull the trigger, as Adams is a stud and jeudy is a nice piece now that Sutton is out. thanks for helping on mine.
  11. I’d probably stick with DK. Him and Russ look like they have a solid connection. Better days are ahead for Drake, but we also don’t know for sure where he is playing next year, AZ could opt to get a shiny new first round back like the colts and chiefs did to pair with Murray thanks for helping with mine
  12. I’d do it, with Sutton out Jeudy figures to be the biggest beneficiary
  13. Chark and swift for Waller is a good deal for you, although after Wallers game tonight it might not be doable. I’d probably offer that for Hurst as well. I think Goedert is serviceable enough to avoid dangling Montgomery out there, but if you don’t trust Goedert, Montgomery might be the RB that’ll get a deal done.
  14. My QBs are Dak and Cam in a 1 QB league, I may be able to pull off Hunt and Cam for CMC, you guys like that better?
  15. I think shopping Cam for a WR would help you most, I like what I’ve seen from Hurst this year, as well as Jonnu. Cam for Mike Evans is good value, Ive also seen people being able to snipe Julio after he has a little injury bug, maybe wait and see how bad that is first. thanks for the help on mine