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  1. https://mlb.nbcsports.com/2020/03/13/mlb-could-still-have-a-162-game-season/
  2. Getting Deja vu from djl 2019 thread. Coors boost also artificially deflates road numbers as you’re going back and forth between the climates. great hitters can still make it on the other side (Matt Holliday, DJL, and I’m sure others).
  3. He’s a bargain imo. This isn’t bench coach cause it already happened, but I flipped Corey seager and mike soroka for him in dynasty. Even if arenado goes to the the Giants Or whatever bad park factors stadium, I feel Great about the trade. He’s an elite hitter, coors or not.
  4. Most catchers bat near the bottom of the order. Kelly is a decent catcher, not great, not horrible. He’s young with some upside.
  5. Heard chatter the season could still start in April with empty stadiums for fans, wait for the outbreak to die down for opening stadiums back up. I’d rather this happen than an extremely abbreviated season.
  6. And that's just for redraft...consider the dynasty discount for cruz. If your team has a chance of winning you're almost crazy NOT to target cruz in dynasties
  7. Add Arozarena to the OF jam. rays will do a lot of platooning.
  8. Yeah you would get excited for this guy wouldn’t you Colin. I think he’ll be exciting for a few weeks in April and May and then get injured. But if he stays healthy I think he’s a solid discount MI rebound play.
  9. I think it will have nearly zero effect on any players (Maybe one or two players miss a few games), but it’s had an absolutely devastating effect on all my shares of Visa and AMD
  10. Actually disagree...the easiest way to win dynasty leagues IMO is to target old studs like Verlander, Cruz, Scherzer, etc. in exchange for some teenage hype spec(s)/sexy-with-warts young MLBers that people are splooging their pants over. But at the end of the day, it's gonna come down to your roster composition. I personally don't play for 2027.
  11. There’s no warning signs, velo loss, recent injuries, etc. He’s got as much risk as any stud pitcher. All of them can get injured. But his track record as a horse and lack of red flags mean that the spectre of age is overblown.
  12. Treat him like the massive once in a generation ace he is (re longevity). There’s no reason to assume the falloff this year. Would be surprised if he was not a t5 pitcher. [...]
  13. Don’t think PT will be a huge issue if he resembles anything like last year in spring training. Seems like a bargain right now and I expect his ADP to rise big time if he performs in spring training.
  14. It's about a 2% deviation from league average BABIP and his infield flyball percentage is 6.9% compared with league average 9.8%. These are guaranteed outs. I don't understand why this .305 BABIP raising any red flags to you.
  15. Think he’s a great catcher to target later in the draft, sub 20 k%, one of the few catchers that probably won’t kill your average, maybe he hits 20+ HR again, if he busts it was a late enough pick that who cares, if he hits like last year you profit pretty nicely. edit: re poster above, he had a .305 BABIP, not sure I’d call his season last year lucky. HR/FB Luck is on wall scraper HR which I don’t specifically recall — of course the HR/FB is going to massively change when he didn’t hit many HR before, again that doesn’t necessarily mean luck in a break out year w/ swing changes, playing time, etc.