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  1. 35 minutes ago, brosephd said:

    i think he'll get the occasional long bomb td stat lines, but what do you guys think of week to week consistency/targets? more boom or bust play or WR3/flex consistency

    I think closer to 2014-2016 than 2017-2019, now that he has a hall of fame QB again.

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  2. 3 minutes ago, Breesus said:

    Michael Thomas was drafted in the 2nd, AB in the 5th or 6th, etc. there is no definite answer as to why certain teams like other players but we’ve seen time and time again the best WR is not always selected early.

    I’d rank this year rookie WR’s (for fantasy) 1: Jeudy 2: Edwards 3: Reagor due to QB play, opportunity, and skill. 

    LOT of good situations for rookie WR this year. Pittman and Aiyuk in great spots too imo. Ceedee lamb as a third WR is as well, but he's being overdrafted IMO...have seen him go early in some drafts (close ish to gallup). Also Ruggs is in a great spot too. I view Ruggs and Edwards as roughly equals, maybe slight edge to Ruggs. He was their first round pick and obviously a tremendous athlete. Just feel like many in this thread that Edwards appears to be a third round steal...


    BUT NO GAMES HAVE BEEN PLAYED YET. So let's see what happens!

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  3. 7 minutes ago, konstao said:

    m trying to establish the best rookie pick, but i dont live in america and dont know much about college football

    why he was drafted on 3rd round if he's so good?

    do u guys put edwards on what scale between those rookies ... shenault, jeudy, reagor... ?

    1st round talent, suffered a meniscus tear, injury concerns let him slide. He looks healthy now. Raiders look like they got some real offensive talent in Ruggs and Edwards.

    Gone are the days of taking Darrius Heyward Bay early in the draft because fast.

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  4. 11 minutes ago, Uncle_Ruckus said:

    Reagor was the 4th WR off the board in the NFL draft and he has the best situation to succeed of all the rookie WRs. He could be due for big target output considering how well he compliments Wentz’s strengths and how little competition he has at the position. I’d take him over any other rookie WR with how everything stands right now 

    Reagor could have a great year. Alshon out for several weeks, D Jax and Ertz ahead in pecking order for now. Will arcega whiteside ever be relevant? ward? Really hard to trust camp reports, but allegedly whiteside, a 2nd round pick, is gonna be more involved this year. Who knows... Could definitely see path to production, especially with Alshon out. But IMO there are some even easier ones.

    I think the pair of rookie raiders both have enormous upside (edwards prob would have been a first round pick too, like Ruggs, but for the meniscus tear injury - which he seems to have recovered fully from). Aiyuk with an injured deebo and apparent connection (beat articles, smh, but I do think the kid's good) and Pittman alongside TY also have trememdous opportunity. Several rookie WR in good situations, just feel bad for the shenault, mims, etc. crowd in a bad situation.

    Not trying to threads***, I like Reagor, I'm just not sure I like him more than some other rookie WR, but he's got a great opportunity too.

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  5. this guy's an RB1 IMO, I'd rather have him than a bunch of RB taken picks 14-20 or so. I took him at 20 and felt it was a steal. Don't care about yahoo automatic insights calling it a reach or something haha.

    For better or for worse, Pete likes to run, run, run and then let russ wilson save the day in the 4th quarter. Carson a talented back, I got my issues with Pete, but Carson should be in for a great year, especially with no incentive to give him a pitch count or anything with the expiring contract. Don't believe a washed hyde is going to steal a ton of touches.

    Free Agent next year and I imagine Seattle saves cash by letting him go and taken a rookie in the first few rounds. Been little progress on extension talks, Carson is completely healed on the fracture, he's gonna be the guy to pound the rock for the most part.

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  6. rookie wide receivers used to be horrible bets. Rules have changed and times have changed. Look at hall of famers:

    Cris Carter 84 yds, 2 TD

    Terrell Owens, 520-4,

    Harrison 836-8 (not bad),

    Moss 1313-17 (unicorn)


    Nowadays, you've got some rookie WR/TE contributing immediately, Odell 1305-12 (12 games!), AJ Brown 1051-8, Scary Terry 919-7 (14 games), Slayton 740-8 (14 games), Metcalf 900-7.

    Are these guys better than Terrell Owens? HELL NO. TIMES HAVE CHANGED.

    Late round fliers on Pittman, Aiyuk, B. Edwards, Ruggs (little more expensive) are all good gambles in the modern NFL. Pittman should get the easier corners. Think there's room in this offense for both Pittman and TY to eat. TY should eat more, but I don't think 1k yards are out of the question.

    Been playing fantasy since 98, it's only relatively recently I've begun to like the upside of rookie WR with good opportunity late in the draft. Pittman, Aiyuk, Edwards seem like the biggest value vs. opportunity rookie WR in the draft. I like Ruggs a lot too, but like I said, he's just a bit more expensive.

    Denver fan and I like Jeudy long term, little more tepid for this year, but maybe include him as well.

    Think it's just a rough scenario for rookies like Shenault, Mims, and Higgins. And I think Ceedee Lamb taken pretty high for a 3rd wideout, but should be a good dallas offense.

    Anyways, back to Pittman, think talent + opportunity are here.

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  7. Pathetic, loser, embarrassing player. Couldn't convert on goal line carries because he's soft as dog poo. Can't believe they will keep giving him chances. Congrats on burning your first round pick, sell for anything after people look at this stat line and erroneously think he's actually good.




    He's worth the 1st round pick, relax and enjoy.

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  8. 1 hour ago, TomBradyDaGOAT said:

    Why are there so many Fournette truthers in the RoJo thread? 🤔

    Are player threads supposed to be exclusively for people who own the subject player? You want a onfirmation bias/echo chamber? Honestly, it's best for every single thread on RW if dissenters come in as well. #1 to hear other points of view, #2 for entertainment value as truthers lose their cool.

    I go into player threads all the time when I have no shares of the player, and I also go to ones where I own shares.

    Y'all need a safe space, honestly? Let's see how RoJo does. I've made it known I think he's garbage. Mainly eye test. Both have had YPC issues, but Fournette at least does serious work in the receiving game and is a high effort guy. But hey, maybe Fournette is garbage too. Maybe it's Vaughn szn.

    My bet is Lenny though.

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  9. 4 minutes ago, AnonymousRob said:

    4500-4600 yards would have put him at #5 last year. 28 touchdowns would have put him at #5 as well. Granted he's unlikely to run much and interceptions can change rankings in a hurry, but it seems you may be ranking him too low, or projecting too big a pie for the weapons.

    Passing yardage/TDs/rating seems to go up every year like the stock market.

    Also adjusted my projection to 26 TD. But I do think that he's criminally underrated. #25 is such a trash projection for Carr by yahoo.

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  10. 32 minutes ago, AnonymousRob said:

    Where do you have Carr ranked among your quarterbacks?

    10-12 ish. Think will put up 4500, maybe 26 td, with no real rushing contribution.

    Kinda wild that I think that's a backend QB1 hahaha...such a passing league now...

    Those are like early career peyton manning numbers back in indy!

    Yahoo has him projected as the #25 QB on the season which is the biggest whiff projection I've seen. They have Burrow #10. I'd be comfortable with a straight swap on those projections.

    Derek Carr isn't elite but damn he's one of the most underrated QBs I've ever seen. 100.8 rating last year with GARBAGE. Now has some talent.

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  11. 11 minutes ago, PlayTheWaivers said:


    Gonna be tough since Carr is perennial 4K Yards QB.

    Pencil in Waller for 1,000

    Jacobs / Richard for 700

    Renfrow for 700

    Ancillary pieces 300

    1.2K yards left for Ruggs and Edwards...they will have to come from the ancillary pieces, Renfrow, or Waller....

    I don't think you can pencil waller in for 1k anymore.

    1k+ ruggs

    1k+ edwards

    700 waller

    I'll give you 700 renfrow

    running backs, WR4/5/6, TE2 all 1k-1200 ish

    Carr passes for 4500-4600.  My estimates

  12. 10 minutes ago, hangin n wangin said:

    Of course. But 45 bucks spent for him I would even say is stupid....

    Not if the dude really wanted to have him. Likely there were other bids as well.

    If someone offered me faab for edwards, I wouldn't exactly be interested to trade edwards for the faab. Depends on whether $0 bids, total budget (is total budget 100? 300? we don't know), depth of the league, etc. Number of factors.

    But I think good chance Edwards is a 1k receiver if he plays all 16 games, same with Ruggs. If I'm looking at my roster and WR is weak and Edwards is on the wire, I'm gonna make a bid that I think I will reasonably beat everybody else.

    I've spent $300 on a player (300 budget) before due to an ACL tear and guaranteed new starting RB. I preferred the RB2 to the auction budget for the rest of the year.

    Was worth it. Some other guys bid over 200.

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  13. 3 hours ago, gbill2004 said:

    Seems like an overpay to me, but you never know...

    With $0 bids, nothing is an overpay (except kickers, defenses, no upside replacements). Otherwise, get your man. You will always be more disappointed if you really want someone and you start penny pinching and miss your guy.

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  14. great, cheap sleeper.


    Got him for $1 per year x 5 years in a $100 budget dynasty league...pretty excited. Benefits of being patient and waiting til the end of the auction and being the last man standing to fill roster spots.


    So much cheaper than Ruggs and could be similar. Raiders have an interesting offense this year.

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  15. A soft tissue injury can be contusions, sprains, strains, can be anything from a day or two to weeks...but Arians isn't even saying what area of the body it is.

    Not panicked, he's in the lineup if he's starting and if he's not, whatever, I'll start a bench guy. Soft tissue injuries usually heal 100%.

    Fantasy football players panic so much. Relax dudes. Sh*t happens and this doesn't sound like that big of a deal.

    Even if it was a big deal, next man up.

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  16. I'm not gonna be as radical as this article - "could have Kamara like season" - https://stillcurtain.com/2020/08/27/steelers-mcfarland-kamara-like-season/. He could...but the odds are low...but I do see a path to relevance.

    Nor am I gonna spend 1000 words talking about stuff you can google. He's currently in concussion protocol. He's under the radar. Clocked at 4.44 40, have also heard 4.34 40 for him. Was a track star.

    My real argument is just that James Conner is not a true elite starting RB and Snell is irrelevant. He came in and did a good job in Leveon Bell's absence. He's entrenched in the role. But I don't think he's untouchable in regards to getting wally pipped. He was a backup himself, and he's not one of the dynamic backs in the league. He's competent in all respects and not a bum.

    Can see McFarland wally pipp them both, or end up in 2 back sets, 3rd down, gradually playing himself into a huge role.

    Big time STASH sleeper IMO.

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  17. Been a long time since Brees has had a competent WR alongside Michael Thomas. Last time this happened was a few years ago with Brandin Cooks and both Cooks and MT were 1k receivers.

    kamara will still catch balls and MT is still the top dog but sanders is not washed. He was hampered by horrible QB play in Denver and then a complete run run run system in San Francisco.

    I think this is a beautiful rebound scenario for sanders and the price is not expensive. Could be WR3 with even as high as WR2 upside after pick 100 right now. He’s being drafted like a WR4/5.

    This is an area of the draft where a lot of people are throwing darts, could be an excellent opportunity to just take a solid depth piece who could very easily be in your starting lineup and has nice upside too in a GOOD passing offense!