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  1. Hilarious truth being spit by RonaldJonesRonaldJonesRonaldJones
  2. You’re right. They lost to Dallas in Jan 2019. lost to GB jan 2020. But SAME THING! Carson 13 for 20 yds that Dallas game. Lynch 12 for 26 in GB game. Still free russ! Remember watching both games and Russ was magic and they kept running the ball for 0-2 yards. I could not understand it for the life of me. Have to blame Pete at some point. He’s got this aura of untouchability because they did win Super Bowl in 2013. But he needs to adapt and the fans and media need to call it as it is. i do think something has to give and that russ may go supernova this year. So much talent on the team now. Do not think Olsen washed and think dissly is low key nice TE receiving asset. And think young wideouts will be improving even more. but ya, the only limiting factor I think is pete. Russ can be a superstar with no receiving talent, he’s already proved that.
  3. One of the most talented offensive teams for russ this year. Return of dissly and old man Olsen will be clutch, advancement of the young and promising receivers, and Carson back healthy. pete carol is unfortunately somewhat shackling Russ. Pete fails to adapt, and against strong run defenses, he still keeps a run first approach. Russ is amazing playing from behind. Maybe Pete should just let russ do his thing all game. embarrassing loser head coach. Would have beaten Dallas in playoffs last year if he just let russ play free the whole game. #freeruss for fantasy purposes i do think russ stock is up this year. Just hope pete lets him be the superstar he is.
  4. Barely missed him in my draft tonight hoping to catch Leonard in round 5. My own error, knew I probably needed to take in round 4. fournette was pick 49. Jones was pick 79. still will spit truth ITT
  5. Ro Jo owners need a safe space? These threads tend to be echo chambers, f*** the safe space, everything should be game. Reality is RoJo stock is down. We will see how the back situation shakes out in Tampa obviously. If you’re drafting today, fournette is now being drafted before RoJo in every single competitive league.
  6. That’s old news now man. He’s one of the most appealing rookies after CEH. Will depend on risk tolerance again, but after CEH he’s fair game anywhere, I think.
  7. You want him and you haven’t drafted and you’re in a competitive 12 team league, he likely won’t be available in round 5.
  8. Chance that Antonio Gibson ends up with rb/wr elig this year. shoutout to that one year Marques colston was wr/te, what a ridiculous treat to have him in the TE slot.
  9. Lol believe me, serious dynasty league players are intrigued. Maybe some casual redraft leagues you can get him in the late rounds, but I don’t think you can in any competitive leagues now.
  10. Think that’s part of the point. He can be used all over the place like ekeler and CMC. He could blow up and you’re a genius, or this could blow in your face and you’re an idiot. But a calculated idiot anyways. Time will tell whether this is CMC type hype or Darwin Thompson type hype. You want this guy you’re gonna have to pay high. Reality of situation. Assess your risk tolerance, this is like buying Tesla calls instead of an index fund.
  11. Took him 4th round pick 44 in 0.5 ppr 12 team tonight. aware I’m a lunatic. also reasonably confident he would have not been available to me at pick 53 (5th round). savvy league, been around since 2009.
  12. That team was great. Since then they've sucked. Fournette frustrated they're not meeting the standard of that squad.
  13. Yeah this doesn't seem like a difficult backfield to take over. Fournette is a beast. Been watching since LSU and he still worked hard on a pathetic loser jax team. The narrative that he's a cancer or headcase seems like justification for jax tanking. Seems like a guy that wants to win and doesn't embrace a losing culture.
  14. Bruce Arians has lied in the past about his plans. Actions speak louder than words + Fournette seems very happy he's on tampa. See his twitter below. I think fournette wanted to go somewhere he'd play a lot and somewhere he could win. Also his words, below: per Michael DiRocco of ESPN: "At the end of the day, I want to win. Who doesn't want to win? I came from a 2017 season with a team who was 10-6, we had [a good] talent level and then the next couple of years went down the drain. So I just want to address a lot of things, too, especially since the media came out and said I was an angry guy. No. 1, would you be angry if you're losing week in and week out? That is one of my biggest problems; I do get upset when we lose and it takes me a while to get over it. I expect, just like anybody else, if you put the work in, you want the W, but a lot of times last year it didn't go like that. "I guess they kind of misinterpreted that, and don't get me wrong, I was upset from the losing, but that's just the winner in me. That's any guy who plays this professional level of sports." You honestly think Brady has no input here? This meme is about the same as Elon Musk's twitter tweets like when he said on 5/1 at 8:11 am Tesla stock too high. 5 to 1 stock split on August 11. This meme speaks volumes. Fournette is the man. Brady deemed it so. Fournette is happy. And Arians isn't giving **** away to the media.
  15. y'all are lunatics. Fournette clearly better than the back who couldn't even beat out Peyton Barber. Sorry about the sunk cost if you already drafted. If you didn't already draft, Fournette is the guy to get. Sincerely, Somebody with no player bias because he has not drafted yet in any leagues...
  16. ideal landing spot. very comfortable taking fournette in the 3rd round.
  17. IM DELETING YOU, JOSH GORDON!⚡️😭👋 ██]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] 10% complete..... ████]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] 35% complete.... ███████]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] 60% complete.... ███████████] 99% complete..... 🚫 ERROR! 🚫 💯True💯 ✔⚡️🏈🐐Josh Gordons🐐🏈⚡️are irreplaceable 💖I could never delete you Josh Gordon!💖 Send this to ten other 🏈🐐⚡️Gordon owners⚡️🐐🏈 who will never trade Gordon for🔕👎🔕 Le'Veon Bell 🔕👎🔕 Or be cursed to a life of 💩🍺🚘🚔 Michael Floyd 🚔🚘🍺💩as your WR1 🚫😢👎😢👎 If you get 0 Back: no playoffs for you!!! 🚫🏆🚫🏆🚫🏆🚫🏆 3 back: Your starting QB won't be 💵🦀💩Brock Osweiler💩🦀💵!! 5 back: 👹Roger Goodell👹 will free ⚡️🏈🐐Josh Gordon 🐐🏈⚡️ 420 back: Your 🌹💦🌷🎋💐💦🌹🌷🎋💦💐 JOSH GARDEN🌹💦🌷🎋💐💦🌹🌷🎋💦💐 will be in full bloom!!
  18. Very reasonable. That would be 5th round ish. And yeah 7th round he’s prob not available honestly. Was just talking off the top of my head, everyone is going to have a different risk tolerance. Just round 12+ is obviously ridiculous IMO
  19. you’d really rather have an rb like Bryce love or Carlos Hyde or a wr like Robby Anderson? That’s what you’re getting at round 12+. imagine not wanting to gamble on an rb1 and have that kind of stuff instead... I’m not sure yet where I’d draft fournette if I drafted today. Any point in the mid rounds and he’s looking appealing. Off the top of my head in a 12 team league round 7? I just know there’s no way in hell he lasts to round 12. But this is yet another reason why you shouldn’t draft until as close to the season as possible.
  20. Quoting myself because I keep seeing people talk about save opportunities and bad teams. the R2 on wins vs. saves opps is really low. Approx .14 Stop caring about how bad the team is. Care how bad the reliever is.
  21. https://tht.fangraphs.com/are-saves-predictable/
  22. This source is not a source. You’re speculating and they are speculating. I’ll wait for interviews and usage before saying anything definitive about the closer situations in both cincy and Arizona.
  23. Rondon sucks, Guerra is the better gamble IMO.
  24. All relievers eat a** sometimes. Taylor's still the closer on this loser, pathetic, franchise. Maybe if he has more blowups, you can mine the reliever turd pile for guys like Magill and Altavilla.