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  1. In obp/slg...really? Rizzo will slaughter trea in both those cats
  2. I cashed in on early hype and sold for Lance Lynn in a dynasty league. Entirely possible that 6 months from now I'll look like a fool because Maitan hype starts going supernova.
  3. Man. I love Trea Turner, but the hype is getting crazy. In a dynasty league, I just made a godfather offer of Anthony Rizzo + Steven Matz for Trea Turner...and it was rejected...and this is in an OBP/SLG league! I can't possibly go higher than that... I think the ADP could creep into the first round at this rate. (I totally get it too, the power speed upside is awesome, especially in BA leagues). Enjoy if you have him, I think he's a special talent.
  4. I'll second drew ward, nice offensive profile, blocked by Rendon though obviously. Yu-Cheng Chang for Indians is interesting cause he can provide across the board value. on mobile so just off the top of my head, I'll post more later. great thread
  5. Prospect361 has him as their #1 prospect for the Marlins https://prospect361.com/nl-team-prospects/Miami-Marlins/#Castillo
  6. Not a fan at all with that k rate over 30%. Big power with massive contact issues could be Adam Dunn...but it is more likely Oswaldo Arcia. i think the odds are that he is fantasy irrelevant and barely major league relevant. big power though so obviously there's some to like. Good luck if you take the plunge.
  7. He's 19 dude. Plenty of time to improve his discipline. And he comps to Adam Jones...would anyone here be disappointed if that is what he is?
  8. Notes from July 18, 2016: Dubon, a 26th-round selection in 2013, was not widely viewed as a top-10 Red Sox prospect at the beginning of the season, but that should change going forward after a promising first half for High-A Salem and Portland. Before receiving a promotion to Portland, he displayed considerable improvement at the plate although his power remained non-existent. In 279 plate appearances with Salem in 2016, he slashed .306/.387/.379 with 24 stolen bases. A more advanced approach, confirmed by better strikeout and walk ratios, has enabled his potentially above-average hit tool to further approach its ceiling. In addition, getting on base at a higher frequency allows his plus speed to impact the game on the basepaths. He has adjusted nicely to Double-A pitching, slashing .270/.333/.413 in 69 plate appearances. The 21-year-old shortstop possesses a slim, athletic frame with room to add more muscle. He has an open stance and makes contact at a high rate because of quick wrists, good hand-eye coordination, and solid to above-average bat speed. Even with additional muscle, his power projection would increase only marginally in part due to a relatively flat swing plane. Dubon’s approach can continue to develop by refraining from chasing off-speed pitches outside of the zone, consequently helping to prevent soft contact. For example, during the seventh inning of the June 30th game against Hartford, he slapped a weak groundball to the shortstop off of an 83-mph breaking ball on the second pitch of the at-bat as opposed to waiting for an easier pitch to drive. After primarily playing second base last season, he has displayed the ability to handle shortstop this season. An above-average arm coupled with plus range gives him plus potential in the field. His speed and defense tools result in a floor as a utility player, and if his hit tool plays as average or better at the big league level, he will become a regular. —Erich Rothmann http://www.baseballprospectus.com/article.php?articleid=29852
  9. I'm not sure if people here are taking SPARQ scores seriously or not. Poe's law or something. Anyways, as an Abdullah owner, nabbing Dwayne is helping me go to sleep tonight. I'm scurred.
  10. Don't think it is likely he ends up in OF due to his arm strength, or rather, lack thereof.
  11. http://www.milb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20160824&content_id=197256618&fext=.jsp&vkey=news_milb&sid=milb
  12. Good god though Willie is killing it offensively
  13. Didn't mean to say his change would be ineffective. I just don't think he's a 9+ k/9 guy. But we've already seen the K rate dropping as he progresses to better competition. Still think #3 or 4 is a decent projection. Just think some people may seem him as more than that.
  14. I saw video on him and wasn't nearly as impressed as the guys from baseball prospectus and Longenhagen from FG. I thought his changeup, which was supposed to be elite, didn't have a lot of break to it. Arm speed good. Just not confident he'll have as strong a K rate in the MLB as his stats would suggest. However, he's got a ton of market value because of his recent t50 ranking, so I don't recommend dropping him. Sell him to someone who slavishly follows the lists, there's always a few of them in most dynasty leagues.
  15. ^^I actually like him more than every single one of those pitchers...good velo, two good secondaries, good command/control. Prob axe Allard cause he's even farther away. All of these guys have upside. FWIW, TJS is almost a right of passage at this point. I don't hold it against a pitcher. Moving on from it is a good thing. It is "out of the way" hopefully...
  16. Figure I would share some positive fantasy opinion re his defense. His arm strength is weak, so that actually means the OF is likely completely out of the question. 2b or bust and if he keeps swinging and improving defensively then he's putting himself in a good spot. Obv for fantasy 2b is way better than OF.
  17. RW won't let me go back and edit but I don't think you have zero credibility fwiw, you post good stuff here Jenks. Disagree on this one but NBD. Honestly would be happy if I am wrong in the end.
  18. Fair enough, didn't mean to be rude. Different opinions are good.
  19. Can't give details, but have a scouting friend that has seen a ton of willie calhoun. I have seen some too. Not trying to **** on your post, btw. It is relevant information that somebody thinks he is average. Good for his market value too. Just not a believer. No offense to you, no offense to willie. Worth posting it though so honestly thanks for that. Who knows, maybe he does get there. I'm not a willie hater, I'm a dodgers fan. Would love it if he gets there.
  20. IMO, that guy has really has no credibility if he thinks average is even close. Know that it is wishful thinking in this thread because there are a ton of willie owners. He might improve enough to get a chance at 2b even if below average, cause his bat really is great. But the BA think about defense is a poor opinion, based off my source, and based off everything else I've seen and read. Showed it to my source and his reaction was this:
  21. K-BB% is ~20% across both A (19.4%) and A+ (20.4%). Love love love to see high Ks and low BBs, not just because it is a sign of a pitcher in control, but because my league has k/bb as a 6th cat. I know it's minor leagues, but for reference, 20% K-BB would be 8th in the MLB, right behind Madison Bumgarner. http://www.fangraphs.com/leaders.aspx?pos=all&stats=pit&lg=all&qual=y&type=c,3,8,13,4,5,24,6,42,-1,45,62,122,-1,113,112,-1,43,44,36,37,38,120,121,217,-1,40,51,-1,49,48,47,50,-1,221,222,223,-1,59&season=2016&month=0&season1=2016&ind=0&team=0&rost=0&age=0&filter=&players=0&sort=23,d
  22. Scout I talked to doesn't think he can even play in left field. Weird situation here. Bat is MLB ready but defense isn't close.
  23. Heard from a scout that the defense isn't just bad, it's abysmal. His batting success is cool, but this is one of the cases where defense really is relevant, because it may legitimately prevent him from getting a real MLB shot. Best of luck to him for any improvements, cause he still absolutely needs to make them. And the problem with Willie is that he's not really a DH (trade) or 1B profile at his height.
  24. August 9 now, still slaying. .357/.363/.529 He could walk more, sure. But he's only striking out 11.6% of the time. He's hit 5 HR through 34 games. He's not a power guy, but he's not a light hitter either...this guy could be an all around bat. Pick him up! Still not getting hype anywhere yet!