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  1. There’s a chance, but I think it should go to deGrom.
  2. Lynn was such a hero for me. Only guy I owned in every league. I need to buy his jersey, what a CLUTCH 10k ace performance on the last day of the season v Yankees. Dominant year all around. Love this guy.
  3. Gilberto Celestino been on fire, 1.068 OPS since promotion to A+ and 1.039 OPS combined over the past 30 days.
  4. Looks healthy... I paired him with Sutton at the 9/10 turn in a 12 man league (picks 108/109)...feel like Sanders is being slept on...
  5. Thomas is in the same tier as Davante Adams and Deandre Hopkins and could easily finish as the #1 receiver in .5 PPR or 1 PPR. He's a little bit of an ADP bargain right now IMO. Not flashy and just doing his business.
  6. Thanks for your sacrifice. CSB but I traded Travis Shaw for Yuli shortly before Hiura stole his job (the first time) haha Not gonna lie, was not expecting this, but I did expect him to improve from the .680 OPS...the K% was very low and he was unlucky to start the year.
  7. Why is this thread so empty? Dude is the hottest hitter in baseball alongside Yordan Alvarez. OPS was below .700 and is .847 now. Ridiculous .400 avg, 257 wrc+, and 11 HR in July.
  8. Common thread with the guy in my league...who just yesterday said he would do the exact same trade today hahaha
  9. If you had a really annoying dude in your league who constantly spams the slack channel about how good he is, even though he's in 11th place, and this guy traded Yordan Alvarez and Frankie Montas a few days before Yordan call up for Khris Davis...would you remind him of the trade every once in a while as a meme? Full on $$ dynasty, keep 100% btw. And he's going down with the ship. 🤣
  10. End of bench I'd rather take upside fliers than exister boring SP like CC Sabathia.
  11. Don’t give me small sample arguments after the way people in this thread ALSO acted after one game. I stand by my original comments, that he’s a pitching prospect, he of course has risk, but his ceiling is very high. Tonight showed a glimpse of that.
  12. Urquidy — 7 ip, 2 h, 0 bb, 1 er, 9k #shunthenonbelievers
  13. He hit 98 mph yesterday, too. In an absolute groove and someone to start every time.
  14. His range of outcomes is like any good pitching prospect -- volatile. He has good stuff though, the slider is sharp, his swinging strike rate was one of the best in the PCL alongside >30 K-bb% and sub 3 ERA in the PCL...wouldn't write him off. Has just as high a ceiling as someone like Mize and Cease.
  15. I’m in an FAAB league, no free agency, so need to make a claim. Not sure what his status is for a league with free agency
  16. I tweeted ESPN's dev yesterday and just saw that Urquidy was added today.
  17. He’s the best pirates outfielder, and he’s pretty much playing every day now.
  18. He’s one of the top 5 in the league in pitches per game and will likely be one of the rare workhorse pitchers that hits 200 innings. His fastball is averaging 94.87 mph, which is the fastest it has been since October 2012. He’s in a groove.
  19. I’m having a lot of fun in my leagues on the slack pages / what’s app chats. I had Cooper stashed on my IR while he had a .000 batting average on the season hahaha i give @brockpapersizer all the credit, he got me hyped. Garrett Cooper is probably our number 1 topic of conversation in real life too, when we play bball.
  20. Herman and Lolo Sanchez both interesting...
  21. Garrett Cooper only seems to hit 400+ foot HRs. All of his are no doubters. bonus