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  1. Hope you enjoyed your popcorn, Garrett Cooper heard the Haters and unleashed a 447 ft tater. There will be plenty more big boi bombs.
  2. Popcorn is a tasty treat to enjoy while watching big bois like Garrett Cooper hit the ball hard and hit the ball deep.
  3. Outfield starts to get very thin when you play in deep leagues. Garrett Cooper is an every day player batting at the top of the order (usually #2) who is hitting the ball very hard. Early on, he was producing loud outs, he had a couple fluke injuries, and now he is mashing. Would it surprise me if he turned out to be like Mitch Haniger? No. It would not. Not saying he's worth that now, but I am saying he's someone to grab immediately in deep leagues and someone to grab or keep on the watch list in shallower leagues.
  4. https://mobile.twitter.com/DuseReport/status/1135320636518207488 https://mobile.twitter.com/DingerTracker/status/1135319878020325377 Garrett Cooper is the one man oasis of batting talent in Miami.
  5. deeper prospects that are hot right now: jake fraley lolo sanchez abraham toro jeremy pena alek thomas jonathan arauz brice turang lewin diaz (1b) will benson (big time power guy, k issues are not as bad recently) pitchers: ljay newsome logan gilbert jose urquidy I guarantee at least some of these names will be getting mainstream hype in a matter of time. Younger ones are most likely, you know how this market works (Fraley is older so may not, Lewin Diaz is 1b so may not).
  6. Not any more! Garrett Cooper hype train, population: 2
  7. This man is a living legend. Statues will be made of him one day.
  8. Watched him pitch, he looked really good. 20 grade name though.
  9. Part of the McCutchen trade, he's off to an 8 game hit streak to start his MLB career, batting .423 with a 23.1% K rate (0 BB%). 1.181 OPS at AAA prior to getting called up. Good chance he loses playing time soon with Marte, Polanco, and Melky Cabrera in the OF healthy. And CDick presumably waiting in the wings. However I do think the kid is a good natural hitter and I've seen scouting reports that think eventually he settles in as an everyday player. Interesting guy to monitor in deeper dynasty leagues.
  10. My man has looked sharp in the past three outings. Major changes since start of the season. Better control/command. Not a Boston fan but I do make it a custom to put mlb.tv on my starting pitchers whenever they pitch Haha. Very pleased tonight and going forwards with him.
  11. luis campusano (c padres), anderson tejeda (2b rangers), bryan reynolds (of pirates), ryan vilade (ss rockies), cole tucker (ss pirates, apparently gained muscle in offseason) all off to hot starts
  12. This guy is good and a constant mainstay at the 2 or 3 spot in the order. Should be more respected.
  13. Anyone dropping core pieces on or before April 6 due to a poor start is a moron. Every April has people playing out of their mind unsustainably and great players playing poorly. It’s a long season.
  14. 124 wrc+ vs 88 on his career. 88 isn’t brutal or anything. They also just benched him vs Sale, a lefty. I don’t get it.
  15. why do they keep benching this guy? he's a plus hitter and defender...
  16. Stanek is an opener. alvarado primary closer but used high leverage diego castillo high leverage, will get some saves. jalen beeks middle relief, can go multiple innings. chaz roe middle relief Kolarek middle relief Font middle relief Yarbrough long relief If a game starts with an opener you will likely see Yarbrough afterwards followed by other relievers.
  17. Closer and will probably be a closer for the foreseeable future unless traded to a contender to pitch in middle relief.
  18. Big Boi gonna eat with the injury to Seags.
  19. Richard Rodriguez, 69.1 IP 88 K 2.47 ERA 1.07 WHIP, hm..... Middle relief somewhere behind Felipe Rivero Vazquez.
  20. I think he will get chance to hit lefties and be an every day player. Sample very small from MLB last year, only struck out once in 14 PA vs them though and he could hit both in minor leagues.
  21. Tulo will get a couple days off a week, andujar will get one, voit will get one, and miscellaneously one of the rest of the team will get some time off. He will end up playing almost every day in that OG Zobrist kind of way, I think.
  22. DJ really underrated in this thread. I think wrc+ overly penalizes coors players. There’s an acclimation difference going to and from coors all the time. We’ve seen matt Holliday flourish with 4 additional all star years after leaving coors... last year DJL sacrificed some contact to try and lift the ball. He hit 15 HR. He’s moving to a still friendly park, yankee stadium. He’s gonna have multi eligibility and play most days. Would not surprise me whatsoever if he ends up hitting more HR this year than last and has a rebounds of sorts; and yes, outside of coors.