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  1. League settings matter here. I’m never dropping Hill in my 16 team dynasty. Can’t rely on an owner dropping in a deep league or multi DL league either. Shallow 10 team leagues with 1 or 0 DL spots, sure, the advice to wait it out could be salient.
  2. I'm so confused what to think of this guy. Negatives: Horrible plate discpline Strikes out a lot Bad at defense Yonder Alonso and Jose Abreu dominate DH/1B. Perhaps a strong side platoon guy (120 wrc+ vs RHP, 60 wrc+ vs LHP) Positives: Exit Velocity and raw power are insane. He's right there with Judge and Stanton. One of the few people in the game we can truly say has 80 grade power. 27 HR in 449 PA. Lost about 20 pounds in the offseason and worked on outfield defense a lot. Clutch? I recall at least a few 9th inning/walk off hits/homeruns. Path to playing time, even in OF? I mean are Nicky Delmonico, Adam Engel, Leury Garcia, and Jon Jay really that hard to beat out? Even when Eloy comes, I think he can probably still find playing time. PROBABLY. 11.1% walk rate in Sept/Oct. Better than the 6.7% on the year. I expect this number to go up in 2019. Still worry he's a platoon guy, 25/27 HR came against RHP. But he could be a fun platoon guy to have in daily leagues for cheap cheap power. Wait did I just say that? Fun platoon guy? Ugh. Too much offseason. I'm still intrigued.
  3. I'm gonna go out on a limb for a second. I think Christin Stewart is basically Castellanos with a better BB%. I think he returns top 100 value this year. And he's being drafted #352 in NFBC right now.
  4. I love this guy for fantasy. He's bad defensively, so his back end top 100 status has suppressed his value to people who blindly look at prospect lists. His bat is very talented. In his cup of coffee last year, he had a .267/.375/.417 slash. His SLUG I'd expect to be much higher. Most people have him pegged as plus or plus plus power, meaning I'd expect 25-35 homeruns in a full season of ABs. Even though he's bad defensively, he's basically guaranteed playing time this year for the Tigers in the outfield, and he'll have Miggy and Castellanos around him most likely (perhaps Josh Harrison), so the runs and RBI should not be too bad... Healthy 13.9% BB, 18.1% K in his cup of coffee last year. 72 PA so small sample. But kid can hit. He's already hit two spring training bombs too. I am targeting him EVERYWHERE.
  5. Bad Article due to the omission of Cy Kelly and then ranking Pedro Baez over him. Cy Kelly is going to be a force in holds league this year. The faithful will be rewarded and we will use his chosen name Cy Kelly in reverence, not in irony now.
  6. I love Rich Hill and don't mind having him on the DL for part of the year because his ratios are so good. We have 3 DL spots though.
  7. Interesting. He has a career 97 wrc+ in April compared to an aggregate 126 career wrc+ (factoring in the below average Aprils). Something is here.
  8. Come on dude, Cruz came here from Texas and was awesome. Haniger flourished with playing time. Park factors nowadays are roughly neutral.
  9. He had a horrible April last year but was basically the same E5 he’s always been otherwise. Love the value this year.
  10. I think it makes sense to keep the ones you’ve got, but I’d trade the hell out of Baez ASAP. Seems like an unsustainable career year he just had. edit: bro, grab Rendon with the 3rd pick instead of Eloy. I love eloy but there’s massive talent still on the Board.
  11. I trust miggy, but palka and yandy are the reason I did this. Thanks.
  12. Bell for Fulmer is a good trade, bell for McCullers is a good trade if and only if you are comfortable with your team and have enough DL spots for this pure futures play. Don’t trade peter Alonso.
  13. Forgot to add. I own christin stewart as a call up. I have Cueto DL. I can acquire lance lynn for Colton welker. 16 teams
  14. old win now team. I have 15 minor league players, but not relevant for this post. 6x6. OBP and SLG instead of average. QS instead of wins. SVHD instead of SV. Also have K/BB. I think my pitching is already best in the league and bats can use the juice of adding E5, especially two utility spots. Would appreciate people's input. I do love Morton though. WHIR
  15. I get way more of a Ubaldo 2010 vibe out of German Marquez than Freeland though. Ubaldo once was filthy (I know it's hard to believe based off how bad he is now, but he was). I think German can do something like Ubaldo 2009-2010. With better walk rate. And probably a better K rate (yes, eras are different). No offense to Freeland, but I don't think he's got the same talent as German. Excellent ERA in 2018 and all. Just doesn't have the same stuff.
  16. DJ Lemahieu is 2B right now and likely ends up 1B, 2B, 3B, and maybe even SS.
  17. There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again.
  18. Big Boy may have figured out launch angle...
  19. Colin Poche and Fernando Romero I think are gonna be impact relievers this year.
  20. Logan Gilbert, big 6'6" arm from Stetson drafted in the first round last year by Seattle but a little bit forgotten because he was shut down with mono of all things. I think that Seattle wanted to give his arm a break. He was mid 90s and dropped to low 90s...was projected to be at the top of the draft, but fell to 14th. He did regain his velocity late in the season for Stetson. Stetson turned out deGrom and Clevinger.
  21. I agree with Vlad = seager + eloy, and then think bum > Urias.
  22. I actually think the Vlad and Bum side is better and i'd pull the trigger.