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  1. Thanks, I had similar thoughts. Team 1 I decided to keep Marquez in part due to how hard it was to find SP last season. I had Scherzer last year but he couldn't be kept. I would have liked to have gotten one of the top three guys (Scherzer, deGrom, Sale) with my first or second pick, but they were already gone due to talent dilution from all the other keeper players, and I thought it'd be a little bit of a reach to go for one from that next tier (Kluber, Verlander, etc). Team 2 I was able to grab deGrom with one of my first two picks. Kind of wish I had grabbed offense where I got Bauer, though. With both this and team 3, I ended up waiting on catcher because the worthy ones went earlier than I had ranked. I certainly wouldn't be surprised if neither Castillo or Zunino last the full season on my rosters.
  2. I have 3 leagues, and definitely had some difficulty in each draft, in part due to having late picks in each one. I'd appreciate any feedback. 10 team roto, 5x5, 4 keepers. I picked 8th and kept Machado in the 10th round, Turner in the 11th, Marquez in the 12th, and Suarez in the 13th. C Ramos 1B Freeman 2B Carpenter 3B Machado SS Turner CI Suarez MI Moncada OF Stanton, Dahl, Brantley, Smith Util Bader BN P Alonso SP Strasburg, Bumgarner RP Vazquez, Robertson P Ray, Marquez, Lester, Alvarado, Paddack, Dominguez BN Teheran 12 team roto, 5x5. I picked 12th. C Castillo 1B Aguilar 2B Albies 3B Rendon SS Lindor OF Castellanos, McCutchen, Mazara Util A Rosario, Piscotty BN Gurriel, Kepler, Wendle, Kiermaier SP deGrom, Bauer RP Vazquez, Alvarado P Marquez, Porcello, Paddack, Dominguez BN Strahm 11 team roto, 6x6 (5x5 plus doubles and holds). I picked 9th. C Zunino 1B Aguilar 2B Ramirez 3B Bregman SS Baez OF Davis, Castellanos, Gordon Util Brantley, Jimenez BN M Cabrera, Eaton, Winker SP Bauer, Corbin RP Doolittle, Smith P Clevinger, Happ, Glasnow, Dominguez BN Strop, Paddack
  3. I'm assuming that's Eddie Rosario, not Amed. I would probably keep Marte, Correa, Rosario, Devers, and Upton. You could swap Mazara or Profar for Upton depending on how much you want to balance 2019 vs the future. You could also swap Vazquez or Hand for Upton, particularly because your pitching is weak, but long term relievers can be inconsistent and you never know if their role might change. Thanks for mine.
  4. Paxton is probably the riskier play considering his injury history and moving to the AL East (though the NL East has some tough lineups, too), but I'd still probably go with him considering it's only a 17th round pick. His SO upside over Wheeler is too tantalizing. Thanks for mine.
  5. Looks like a good team, but worth noting you have at least two guys who will likely start the season on the DL, and two who will be in the minors. Hopefully Lindor and Martinez make it back quickly and Jimenez gets promoted after enough days have passed, but these aren't sure things. Thanks for mime.
  6. Also I neglected to include Matt Chapman. I could keep him in the 13th round as well, but may not make as much sense to keep both Suarez and him.
  7. Yes, we do have a CI position. Full roster is: C 1B 2B 3B SS CI MI OF x4 Util SP x2 RP x2 P x6 BN x2 DL x3
  8. I wouldn't keep Ohtani. I think you have it pretty much right, but I might swap in Chapman for Conforto. Help with mine?
  9. 10 team, roto 5x5 league. We can keep up to four players. Each keeper is at the cost of the draft pick in the round prior to where they were drafted last year. Additionally, the minimum cost is a 13th round pick. Here are the players I'm considering, and the draft round cost: T Turner - round 11 Machado - round 10 E Suarez - round 13 Treinen - round 13 Jansen - round 9 Marquez - round 13 Wheeler - round 13 Obviously, Turner and Machado are locks. Beyond that, I think Suarez and Treinen would be the next choices based on draft value. However, I am considering if it might be worth keeping Marquez or Wheeler because starting pitching was so hard to come by in our league last year. And no matter which way I go, it looks like I'll have two 13 round keepers so I would need to decide which I would keep at the cost of a 13th rounder, and which at the cost of a 12th rounder. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks.
  10. Ok so I have an update here. The manager who was trying to acquire Ramirez made a new offer for him: Rendon and Mazara. I'm still leaning towards declining it, but interested what others think. With both the old offer and new one, I have to wonder why he's trading offense for offense unless he thinks Ramirez will provide more value than the two players combined. And if that's the case, why would I want to do it?
  11. Ok, I understand. Obviously I wouldn't have drafted Turner if I didn't think he could help me when he returned, but I wasn't expecting the same level of production as wrist injuries often affect hitters, especially power wise, and so far he's hitting a lot more balls on the ground.
  12. Thanks for the replies. I accepted the first offer and declined the second earlier today. As I mentioned, saves in this league have been hard to come by and the price for closers has been high. I'm definitely not going to get a top guy like Kimbrel for a guy like Turner, who had been injured and it's TBD that it won't affect his production now that he's back. To be clear - this is Justin we are talking about, not Trea.
  13. I would say it’s a question of balancing risk between Eaton’s health and Soto’s possible performance variance. I’d probably prefer Eaton. But if you already own both and are trying to make a spot for Eaton when he comes of the DL, you might want to drop a different player than Soto, or try and trade Soto along with another player for something else you need. Thanks for mine.