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  1. Rained out. Will play tomorrow afternoon.
  2. has him starting tomorrow for Gwinnett.
  3. Interesting development.
  4. Reports are his slider is improving but still not quite where it was last year.
  5. May has been moving up prospect rankings. He's solidly in the top 10 pitching prospects and arguably top 5.
  6. Also note worthy is he went a career high 100 pitches.
  7. Most people seem to think he's more of a 2021 guy. If he's up to AA soon (like he should) it seems like that would be plenty of time to prove worthy of a June 2020 call up. It's possible his low innings pitched will be a factor.
  8. My best guess would be Moustakas at 3rd, Hiura at second, Shaw and Thames split first base. Aguilar has been off for a long time.
  9. The 2020 prediction for both surprised me. Is that realistic? Seems somewhat aggressive.