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  1. try dobber hockey and left wing lock websites that both have active hockey forums with subforums dedicated to recruiting .
  2. sent you a pm frank . ask away in response .....
  3. hello there . you had some questions about the opening /

    1. orange meow

      orange meow

      I did last night, but by digging deeper into the site I answered most of them. Since this team needs so much work, would you be willing to allow more than 3 FA moves the first week?

    2. orange meow

      orange meow

      You also asked about experience--I currently manage 3 baseball teams on Fantrax, so i am well familiar with the platform


    3. butch91


      position was filled earlier in the day - thanks 

  4. same deal , pm if interested . https://sites.google.com/view/blackblue70s20s/current-openings
  5. free league , play for pride , ''one year only''I'll post this here to see if any forum members want to challenge eachother in this 1 year ''points league'' before posting it on the Fantrax available leagues section . I usually create 1 sidebar league every year to try something a little different .Maybe it can turn into a yearly event , who knows .link to fantrax rules https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/leag...jzzgtgfz/rulesthe scoring formula utilized is based on the old sporting news game which is also similar to the dobbernomics multipliers . I've added / deleted some of them over the years and modified them as well . For example , +30 for goals instead of +25 . max 82 gp per position so you'll need to keep an eye on your gp pace as season progresses . this setup isnt kind to streamers so in a sense its a lot less work to maintain . no trades so draft wisely and use ww/free agency to fill gaps . I set the draft to 6 pm , sat sept 14 and I probably cant stray too far from that date/time .send pm if interested . include your fantrax email utilized over there - thanks
  6. hey guys , have an opening in one of my play for pride / free dynasty leagues .All the info can be seen here https://sites.google.com/view/blackb...rrent-openingsI know most fellas here play dynasty for $$ , but my preference is to play dynasty as a hobby and one year leagues for $$ instead . If playing dynasty for hobby is something that interests you then it could be a nice fit . 9 of 12 gm's in this particular league play in either all 3 of my leagues or 2 of the 3 so theres a lot of reliable / active fellas.send pm if interested , a few details about your experience would help with decision
  7. steve collard is like the nhl habs with all those championships too much on my plate but I admire you sticking to your format of old school
  8. I participate in this league ; commish asked if I could help recruit .available roster https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/leag...g6giz1juh2eebnleague setup , scroll to the bottom to see the added league constitution https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/leag...juh2eeb5/rulesh2h fps , 16 teams , 4 divisions , keep 9 from from pro section of roster , keep max 1 pro goalie , keep max 11 of 16 prospects (I believe max 4 g prospects could be part of the 11).I kinda like the keep 1 max pro goalie as it prevents goalie hoarding . Naturally the summer draft will have the decent exposed goalies going high so its an interesting part of the league .I took over a dead team during 17/18 season finishing dead last then won the league the following season so theres definately a chance to win if you roll up your sleeves .I've known commish for over 10 + years as he participates in my own dynasty leagues . Very level headed guy . all fees paid via fantrax treasurer so everythings legit . send me a pm telling me a bit about yourself and why you'd be a good fit if your genuinely interested and i'll forward your interest to Rob .
  9. I'm in this league but helping commish recruit .link to rosterhttps://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/leag...mp6issjuh2eebvlink to rules --bottom part is league constitution https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/leag...juh2eeb5/rulesIts for $40 US entry but theres a lot of ways to win some money back , Keep 9 of main roster (max 1 G) and 11 minors .h2h fantasy points , 16 teams etc.if interested the commish can give you access to team so you can look around a bit before making a commitment . hit me up with your fantrax details so he can send invite if interested ; thanks .