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  1. I would go with Mitch Keller. Definitely think Dylan Cease is a good option as well.
  2. If this is a redraft then I would stick with Bieber and Suarez because they are definitely the safer options. But I do understand if you think you need to go with the more upside with the Vlad side, it is just riskier. help with mine please:
  3. I am looking to fill my MI option in my dyntasy league and I have these options: Isan Diaz - MIA Nico Hoerner - CHC Willy Adames - TB Which option would you go with and who do you think has the most upside? WHIR just leave a link
  4. If you aren't going to be reliant on this SP and are looking for the best risk/reward, then this is how I would rank them: Cease Houser Archer If you want the safer option that still has upside than I like Houser. help with mine please:
  5. Would you trade Jose Altuve and Nicholas Castellanos for Ozzie Albies and Tim Anderson? Castellanos is my 4th OF'er and I could use Tim Anderson at my SS spot since my current SS is Jean Segura. Which side would you rather have? WHIR just leave a link
  6. H2H Dynasty League - 12 teams Would you trade Taylor Trammell for Mitch Keller? WHIR just leave a link
  7. I think Bryan good upside as a middle reliever if he makes the Astros pen. I think and hope he has a future as a starter though long term.
  8. I think he definitely has a chance to now.
  9. This could be some good news if he does indeed start swinging this week.
  10. Yeah I would go with McNeil. help with mine please:
  11. He's attempting to trade Will Smith (LAD-C) for Ohtani (UTIL) straight up as well. Not a terrible offer but I was going to try and see if I can somehow get Castellanos included in the deal. I'm thinking possibly Aquino, Ohtani and possibly someone like Tony Gonsolin for Castellanos and both Will Smiths. Castellanos doesn't hold much value since he is drafted right at his value but I do believe he could have a big season in Cinci.
  12. I would go with Baez. help with mine please:
  13. Hendricks is a much safer pitcher and will likely be better suited for your pitching staff if you need help at ERA and WHIP. I would go with Hendricks. help with mine please:
  14. I would swap Sale out for Eloy and potentially Muncy for Correa. help with mine please:
  15. For a backup I would go with the guy that I think has more upside, McMahon. help with mine please: