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  1. Isn't there a chance AB is still suspended additional games? I thought I remembered reading that somewhere.
  2. And that's not even including CeeDee Lamb and Jerry Jeudy who are/were arguably the top WR's in this class. Then you have Jalen Reagor in Philly who has been hurt for majority of the season.
  3. Uhh that's definitely a question. Especially if you are considering talent/situation and not just their current production.
  4. Obviously Claypool will be a factor but it's not like JuJu is just done and Diontae Johnson is going anywhere. FitzMagic isn't completely off by saying people will very likely be chasing points on Claypool. That will be his best game of the season no doubt. That being said, Claypool will absolutely go for huge FAAB this week.
  5. My only other viable RB is Miles Sanders and I have to start 2 RB's each week. So I have been rotating my 2nd RB each week based off matchup. It has worked decently well so far since I am 3-1 but obviously I can't depend on that all season.
  6. Yeah I would have to go with Cousins. help with mine please:
  7. I would give it at least one more week and see if Watson can build his value back. Then attempt to trade Watson and maybe another one of your WR for a better WR option. Wilson is on an MVP pace this year, so I would def try your best to keep him. help with mine please:
  8. Yeah I like the first trade as well. help with mine please:
  9. Yeah I would have to make that trade. Allen offers you way more upside and you have great WR/RB depth anyways. help with mine please:
  10. Someone dropped Mostert in my league for some reason. I definitely will be adding him but trying to decide how much of my faab I should use. I have $86 left, should I use all of it or just a percentage? I need RB depth so I am considering just using it all to ensure I get him. WHIR just leave a link
  11. I definitely like them both. But I would have to lean towards Pittman on this one.
  12. Very very strong lineup for a 14 team league. Great job and you should definitely compete in the playoffs.
  13. Yeah I like Laviska's upside more than Crowders. I would do it.