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  1. While he (pitcher Ohtani) was indeed on Yahoo's IL to end the season last year, players like Andrew McCutchen, Mitch Haniger, Collin McHugh, Jesse Chavez, Tommy Hunter, Yoenes Cespedes, Tony Watson, Cam Bedrosian, Seranthony Dominguez and Corey Knebel also were but are all listed as day to day and not currently IL eligible, so the confusion over pitcher Ohtani's IL status is well founded. If I had to pin it down, I'd say that because Yahoo made a special exception for pitcher Ohtani being on their own IL last season (when he wasn't on the IL in real life), they simply haven't gotten around to fixing/changing his status for 2020 yet because it requires a rare manual change while the rest of the players' statuses changed to day to day automatically. It's likely a continuing consequence of splitting Ohtani into two players. There are some other IL eligible players currently out there right now, but as far as I can tell, all have officially been placed on the IL by their respective teams for 2020 (like Jameson Taillon, Jordan Hicks, Reyes Moronta, Austin Adams (Seattle), Michael Fulmer, Anderson Espinoza and David Robertson - all were officially placed on the IL back in February). Hope this helps.
  2. Because he hasn't played any games/accumulated any official stats yet (Eric's confirmed this in at least one previous chat as he's been asked that question multiple times). He doesn't have a page on milb.com yet either for the same reason.
  3. Thanks, I might want to do that. Cheers for the awesome advice.
  4. Forgot he got in on the most recent ballot - I just remember he was eligible for years and couldn't get in.
  5. Larry Walker in my early days of playing fantasy was one of the best hitters I can remember. From 1997 to 2002 he was particularly dominant and helped me win several titles. And while he obviously wasn't a consistent force, Brady Anderson from 1996: .297 Avg, 1.034 OPS, 117 Runs, 50 HR, 110 RBI, 21 SB's
  6. Dark One

    AJ Reed - 1B HOU

    It's not like you can be blamed for that - we're not scouts and most folks fall for the hype on any touted prospect. It's impossible to know which ones will work out and which ones won't for fantasy. For every AJ Reed, Domonic Brown, Matt Wieters and Mark Appel there's a Francisco Lindor, Christian Yelich, Cody Bellinger and Gerrit Cole.
  7. That certainly may be true, though I believe the premise of this thread in a broader sense is "help me find the next superstar prospect I can add to my roster before the other managers in my league become wise to him".
  8. Yahoo removes the NA tag for prospects added to their respective teams' 40 man rosters that have been invited to Spring Training and haven't been sent back down yet. When Pache gets officially sent back down they'll put the NA designation back on him.
  9. I have no idea what players/prospects are available in your league, nor how close you are to competing for a title, but in a full dynasty I'd command nothing less than a premium+ return. If you're looking to trade him then make someone overpay - someone should bite given the hype and with fangraphs recently giving him an 80 FV grade. I mean, a premium+ return can be a wide range of assets depending on your team needs and how close you are to competing for a championship. If you're looking for specific positions, demand at least one top 15 overall type player at that position and then ask for more depth/picks behind it. If you're not close to competing for a title, then require at least three top 20 type specs (preferably two in the top 10). I mean, seriously, the sky's the limit in dynasty for Wander and the return needs to reflect it. Having said all that - my specific advice is to keep him unless someone truly knocks an offer out of the park. Right now he's as close to a winning lottery ticket as there is in dynasty (not taking into account recent studs that have graduated). Good luck.
  10. Of course - nothing is ever certain with prospects, even ones with seemingly high floors.
  11. Not optimal perhaps, but if you pair him with someone a bit more consistent, I think it can be extremely effective since the numbers at home are so good that the overall numbers in the end still have him ranked among the top 10-ish fantasy players, and you'll want to benefit from those games.
  12. As always, you'll want to have him in your lineup every time he's playing at Coors, but the home/road splits remain extreme (1.064 OPS at home in 2019, .767 away, .998 career OPS at home, .756 away). My personal strategy for having Story on your roster is to have a backup SS option that supplies a bit more steady (even if unspectacular) production and utilize that option when Story's away from Coors (unless it's a pitching matchup that Story owns).
  13. The author addressed it in the comments, indicating that he's seen barely anything from him offensively in his entire minor league career and that he's looking more and more like Matt Duffy for fantasy. It's a bold stand, and I'm not certain I agree, but it's at least better than not going with your instinct and instead leaving him on the list due to "industry consensus".
  14. One thing to keep in mind though is that the lists are written by entirely different authors who don't work together (the way Eric and Kiley did before Kiley left), so I'm not so certain I'd want to cross reference the lists too much. I would honestly look more closely at Eric's list and judge for fantasy based on the individual grades given for each respective hitting/pitching category. Of course, it will still be interesting to peruse the fantasy list - I just tend to weigh Eric's analysis a bit more as their full time prospect writer.
  15. That list isn't updated - Pipeline's updated top 100 just came out recently and they have Gray at 67 and Graterol at 83. They haven't released any updated organization top 30 lists yet.