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  1. If his performance merits it then of course it makes sense. Winning is the goal, no trophies for saving service time.
  2. I own him in a dynasty for $30 it's impossible to trade him right now. The narrative in the industry that he is not the same player away from Camden was proven out last year in a lot of folks' minds, I dont think he even has remotely the same name value as he did 18 months ago. Hoping he gets more comfortable and has a better team around him, but definitely concerned he lost some upside leaving Baltimore.
  3. Off the top of my head Scott White is the only major ranker I've seen who had him outside the top 10. Seen him as high as 6 with James Andersen I think.
  4. Coming up on the trade deadline for a lot of leagues - what are dynasty owners doing? Seems like a terrible time to try to sell an asset but I suppose you might could get something to help you for the playoffs based off the name brand value.
  5. He was smoking the ball prior to the injury. I'm intrigued.
  6. I generally just add whoever the Astros call up for their rotation no questions asked. Doesnt always work out obviously but if any club knows how to get the most out of their arms its them.
  7. Ol Sassy Pants is ranked 19th in my Y! OPS categories league. Stud.
  8. If he is unified with the SP version on your platform, who do you take ahead of him in 2020? Trout and Yelich? Is that it?
  9. Fair point - I also should have mentioned the 25.6% k rate and 7.5% walk rate - Atlanta will probably want to see the caught stealing and walk numbers improve before promoting him to the show. Still at 20 I am encouraged by what we've seen.
  10. 199 PAs in, seems like a good time to check in on our boy: .302/.354/.495, 4 hr, 6 sb, 24 rbi, 23 runs, 13 2b, 5 3b. It appears that the power has come along just as the prophets foretold. If he keeps this up in addition to the plus plus defense, its not crazy to say he could come up this summer to the show. Obviously Markakis coming down with whooping cough or dysentery would help things.