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  1. Standard Scoring D.Johnson vs LAR S.Michel vs BUF M.Mack vs NYG P.Lindsay vs OAK Currently leaning Michel, Mack, Lindsay based on matchups and anticipated game flow. Definitely considering Johnson instead of Michel though Thoughts? Leave links, 100% WHIR!
  2. Lindsay and Michel. I think he is going to get a full load this week Thanks for help with mine!
  3. I think I agree with mhavens. You need the WR depth AJ provides so if you really want Kamara I would go the Luck/DJ/Njoku option thanks for help with mine!
  4. David Johnson vs LAC Sony Michel vs NYJ Marlon Mack vs MIA Philip Lindsay vs PIT Aaron Jones vs MIN Currently DJ is locked in and leaning Michel and Mack as the other 2 because of better matchups. Thoughts? WHIR!
  5. Doyle. I think he is a top 5 TE the rest of the way as long as he stays healthy thanks for help with mine!
  6. I would go Eli and Lewis. The Bills are such a mess at QB I wouldn’t trust anyone and Eli has a good matchup to exploit this week. Thanks for help with mine!
  7. I would go Ross with no AJ and either MVS vs that Mia D or Davis vs NE in a game where Ten should have to throw help me?
  8. Peterson help me?
  9. AP for higher floor. Smith for higher ceiling help me?
  10. I would go Davis here. Ten should have to throw to keep up with NE help me?
  11. I would go Ross with AJ Green out help me?
  12. Standard Scoring. Start... Mack vs Jax or Michel vs Ten coming off an injury Leaning Mack but a matchup vs Jax scares me even though they haven’t been fantastic against the run recently. Also could slot A.Robinson vs Det or C.Davis vs NE but I think the 2 RBs have the highest floors and upsides WHIR!!
  13. I would go MVS because he is healthier. Thanks for help with mine