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  1. You know which team could use a RB like Jones? Jacksonville.
  2. I think he's excellent because of the price, which is a pittance. I'd definitely take a flier. There's not much evidence to suggest that the talent is gone, and the dude just turned 25 One minor note: He stays on the field most of the time because the Titans love his blocking. So while we fantasy footballers may see a failure, I think the Titans see him as a key piece.
  3. In 2017/2018, tens of thousands of Americans died of the flu. You not wearing a mask, not social distancing, etc during that time could LITERALLY RESULT IN OTHER PEOPLE DYING!!!!!!!!. Did you do any of those things at that time? If not, by your own logic, you are evil.
  4. Pretty sure Fauci is miles away from the NFL decision-making process. Back in March, it was very important that we tried to make sure people didn't get the virus, because we knew little about it. Fauci was all over that at the time, and was an important voice. Since then, we've learned that getting the virus isn't near as bad as originally thought, and the mortality rate continues to go down and down with every new batch of testing data. Fauci, for some reason, still seems to be stuck in that mid-March mindset that we've got to do everything possible to protect everyone at all times from even the possibility of getting the virus, so his comments follow that. I wouldn't worry too much about Fauci's opinion on this, it won't effect the NFL in any way.
  5. To all following, I think we're full. Still need to here back from one guy. Generally, what I will do is keep this thread bookmarked. With 56 teams, something always comes up, and if it does, I will get back to you.
  6. I'm pretty sure we're full now, but the situation is somewhat fluid. I'll get back to you if it changes.
  7. Simple, fun, redraft league with 4 games in 1 to keep everyone interested all season.We're now in year 5, with 56 teams we lose a few each year. (I say this to let you know this isn't some experiment I'm trying that may not work. I've been running leagues for over 30 years, so you don't have to worry about that). Here's last year's league page: The 56 teams is 4 separate 14-team conferences (4 separate drafts) Here are the 4 different games: Regular league play: You draft a team in a 14 team league, play everyone in that league, have playoffs, etc, just like a regular fantasy league Survivor: All 56 teams compete. We eliminate the 3-4 lowest scoring teams each week until there's only one left crowned Survivor Series champ Relegation: Teams move up or down to better or worse conferences each season based on total points. (teams in the better conferences actually get to draft more players) Big a** Bracket: Starting in week 11, we have a 56 team tourney for all teams. The twist is that it's a handicap bracket, and the worst teams get points added so that anyone can win (the loser has generally been one of the crappier teams) *WHY all this?, you may ask. Here's the rationale behind the whole thing I created 5 years ago:*I wanted to make a league where as many teams as possible having something to play for as late in the season as possible. One of the negative things about fantasy football is that around week 10/11 some owners stop caring because they have nothing to play for. This league intentionally gives ALL teams something to shoot for to the very end of the season. Best ball scoring, PPR, NO trades. Teams are allowed to make one drop/add each week. Cost is only $25, so you can easily as this as a 'just for fun' league. I've created a page that explains everything, and I've even including videos for further explanation. Go here to check it out if interested: Hit me up if interested, the above link also has a way to email. The first of the 4 long slow email drafts starts around mid-July, right now we need about 6 teams.
  8. No, I don't think you do. That's ok, it's subtle.
  9. Fantasy Pros calls him 'a less athletic Bartolo Colon'
  10. If I could have one wish, it would be that Damien's performance today reignites the fervor for him next off-season again so we can all enjoy another off-season of warning everyone to stay away and watching them defend this JAG to the death; and then enjoy another season of coming back here each week to say 'I told you so'. Please fantasy football gods, make this happen again.
  11. Touchdown heavy league, so it's basically all about TDs QB: Dak or Matt Ryan RB: (Gurley IN) L. Bell or Drake WR: Golladay, Cooper, AJ Brown, A Robinson Flex: One of the above RB or WR K: New England or Houston That's my whole team. Literally the only spot I'm sure on is Gurley. Right now I lean Dak, and the Houston kicker (weather, easier defense) And for the RB/WR/Flex, I've got to sit two, and I'm thinking of sitting Bell and Golladay, but that would actually mean sitting the NFL's leader in TD receptions in a TD heavy league. Last week I chose Drake over Bell and AJ, and New England over Houston, which is the only reason I won.
  12. Probably the most amazing unlikely finish to a playoff race I've seen in my 30+ years of fantasy football. 12 team league, 8 make the playoffs. The tiebreaker is total points. Going into this week, I was 9th at 7-8, but five teams were 8-7. Oddly, none of the 6 teams fighting for playoff spots were playing each other. I was playing the 2nd worst team in the league and won easily. There were two teams above me with lower total points, so I just needed one of them to lose, and they were playing the top two teams. Of course, as luck would have it, they both beat the top teams and I thought I was out. But then I noticed another 8-7 team which lost who was about 1.5 per game ahead of me going into the week in total points. If I could score about 18 more points than him this week, I could pass him in total points. I actually outscored him by 18.2 this week, so I thought I had a chance. So, I scrambled to see the total points for the entire season - he had 1823.0 and I had 1822.8. I finished 8-8 in a 12 team league where 8 teams make the playoffs and I missed out by 2/10th of a point. Amazing! By the way, I played that team twice this season, and beat him both times. I'd complain to the commish but it's me.
  13. We play 13 games, plus 3 times each season we play against the league average. Two reasons - It rewards teams which score more points, and also I just like having teams finish 10-6 rather than 8-5 - seems more football-like.