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  1. No, I don't think you do. That's ok, it's subtle.
  2. Fantasy Pros calls him 'a less athletic Bartolo Colon'
  3. If I could have one wish, it would be that Damien's performance today reignites the fervor for him next off-season again so we can all enjoy another off-season of warning everyone to stay away and watching them defend this JAG to the death; and then enjoy another season of coming back here each week to say 'I told you so'. Please fantasy football gods, make this happen again.
  4. Touchdown heavy league, so it's basically all about TDs QB: Dak or Matt Ryan RB: (Gurley IN) L. Bell or Drake WR: Golladay, Cooper, AJ Brown, A Robinson Flex: One of the above RB or WR K: New England or Houston That's my whole team. Literally the only spot I'm sure on is Gurley. Right now I lean Dak, and the Houston kicker (weather, easier defense) And for the RB/WR/Flex, I've got to sit two, and I'm thinking of sitting Bell and Golladay, but that would actually mean sitting the NFL's leader in TD receptions in a TD heavy league. Last week I chose Drake over Bell and AJ, and New England over Houston, which is the only reason I won.
  5. Probably the most amazing unlikely finish to a playoff race I've seen in my 30+ years of fantasy football. 12 team league, 8 make the playoffs. The tiebreaker is total points. Going into this week, I was 9th at 7-8, but five teams were 8-7. Oddly, none of the 6 teams fighting for playoff spots were playing each other. I was playing the 2nd worst team in the league and won easily. There were two teams above me with lower total points, so I just needed one of them to lose, and they were playing the top two teams. Of course, as luck would have it, they both beat the top teams and I thought I was out. But then I noticed another 8-7 team which lost who was about 1.5 per game ahead of me going into the week in total points. If I could score about 18 more points than him this week, I could pass him in total points. I actually outscored him by 18.2 this week, so I thought I had a chance. So, I scrambled to see the total points for the entire season - he had 1823.0 and I had 1822.8. I finished 8-8 in a 12 team league where 8 teams make the playoffs and I missed out by 2/10th of a point. Amazing! By the way, I played that team twice this season, and beat him both times. I'd complain to the commish but it's me.
  6. We play 13 games, plus 3 times each season we play against the league average. Two reasons - It rewards teams which score more points, and also I just like having teams finish 10-6 rather than 8-5 - seems more football-like.
  7. Not a rant (yet), but more of an amazing set of circumstances. 12 team league where 8 teams make the playoffs. 4th through 8th place were all 8-7 going into this week, I was 9th at 7-8. I won, which means that in a 12 team league where 8 make the playoffs, an 8-8 team will definitely get left out. Amazing. Here's the rant part: there are two teams ahead of me that seem likely to lose, but could still pull it out tonight. If they lose, I'm in (total points is the tiebreaker) But, if those two pull out there games, a third team also lost this week, but we're both out of players and I'd end up losing the spot to them by a season-long total points difference of 2/10 of a point. (by the way, this is a thievery league where the winning team gets to steal a player from the losing team, which is why you need 8 teams in the playoffs)
  8. I guess the rationale might be that in a dynasty league a few teams or maybe a lot of teams know they can't win even before the season starts. In redraft everyone has a chance to win each season. If you have a very stable group, start another league that's dynasty with the same guys. Do one of each, for everyone's tastes. Literally every team in my 14 team dynasty league is in one of my other re-draft leagues.
  9. I run 5 leagues, but a few of them are multi-conference leagues, so I actually have 8 teams. My pro-tip once you get to 3 or more - never worry who the other guy is playing. Just root for your guys to score and if it so happens to also benefit your opponent in another league, so be it. Trying to figure out if you want you guy to score or not will drive you insane.
  10. Don't be dismayed by the lack of minutes for the next few weeks.Wiz have him on a minutes restriction (16-20 I believe) and they can afford to be very patient with him. I actually think they want to give Bonga as many minutes as possible before likely sending him to the G-League. I think TBJr is an asset now, but he'll be more of an asset post-Thanksgiving.
  11. Yep. I think they are fully invested in DK for the long term, but the Seahawks are thinking playoffs. Tough to go into the playoffs with a rookie as your #2. But it's actually pretty nice to go into the playoffs with a really talented rookie as your #3 wildcard guy. Neither Golladay nor Sutton finished strong their rookie seasons, and then came on their 2nd season. Gordon is a hedge against this likely rookie wall for Metcalf.
  12. Look at this from last season: Gordon can still do this type of stuff, but Brady doesn't chuck it like that near as much as Wilson does. Also, Gordon is great on broken plays, and there's no such thing on the Pats, because if Brady feels heat, he just falls down. Russ will scramble and give Josh time to do what Josh can do. I don't really know enough to assess whether a guy is washed up or not, or if he's just in a bad situation; but I can't imagine being with Wilson in Seattle isn't a much better situation for Gordon to showcase whatever skills he has left than in NE.
  13. I think what we've seen from Gordon has a lot to do with the way the Pats tried to use him (due to Brady's limitations). It seemed like the Pats wanted to make him 'big Edelman', and that's not his game. As for Marshall, he was coming off major injury and was 6 years older last year than Josh is now. My guess, even though I haven't watched much Seahawks, is that Metcalf is on the Golladay/Sutton type track, where he'll start to really shine next season. But the Seahawks have a chance to win now, and would like to not have to wait for Metcalf to ascend. I'm thinking that Gordon will give the Seahawks 'Metcalf 2020' production right now. A legitimate comp for what Gordon does in Seattle the rest of the way is Golladay's 2018.
  14. I like this if I'm a Gordon owner. Virtually a perfect scenario. Much better QB for him than Brady was, and it appears that Russ really wanted him and lobbied hard for him. This tells me that they will do everything they can to get him fully integrated and try to make him a big part of their offense, where in New England it was more like 'just do your job'. I've never played professionally, but I'd be willing to bet there is a big difference between management going out and getting a guy and telling the QB to use than the QB himself going to management and telling them to get a guy. I'm not sure how much juice Gordon has left, but I'd bet the Seahawks are planning on feeding him.