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  1. Thanks, I didn't even realize Stanek was with the Marlins. Someone put him up as their nomination and he's already been bid on a few times within the past few hours...
  2. My league eliminated QS and replaced with Game Score (stat accrues for Starters only) this season. As a result, openers will receive a bump in their value. Besides Ryne Stanek, does anyone have some ideas of who will be utilized as an opener this season?
  3. I think Fantrax had him in their system when he turned 11.
  4. I'm staying the course, fellas...but there are a lot of empty seats all around me right now...makes me nervous.
  5. If you bought into his talent, he was WR1 all along. The camp talk has been just that - talk. Possibly for motivation purposes... but nobody really knows.
  6. Are these reactions for real? In terms of talent alone, Joe Mixon is a top 5 RB. Gio is a nice enough complement RB, but him getting more money doesn't make him any better of a player. I owned Mixon in as many leagues as I was able last year and did the same this year. No change to his outlook.
  7. Good. Need me some of that Garv Sauce.
  8. For some reason I feel the urge to call him "Mash Daddy". Hope he stays up...
  9. Nothing settled at this point, but Beede is free at his current price. I grabbed him as my penultimate pick - 40 man rosters though.
  10. Deep Deep Leauges - Tyler Beede trending up with FB velocity increase to mid-90s. Former 1st round pick - although I care much more about the uptick.
  11. I am a commissioner in a 12-team 40-man roster 6-Minor League spot Otteneu league so there's a ton to keep track of and I do my best. Needless to say, some things slip through. My two cents is that the guy that originally drafted the player did nothing wrong on his end and should not be penalized - he should still have his drafted player on his roster - this goes in line with what you have already said, so I am just confirming your own actions. As far as the other owner is concerned, I would not allow him to be able to claim anyone he wants for $1 - simply b/c it is not fair to the other owners. Where would it end? Do you allow ALL owners to make a free $1 claim? And if so, who would get the first claim? It would be a mess. In this case, you just apologize for your mistake and gently remind all that being the commish is a ton of (thankless) work and in a complicated league format, mistakes will happen. I would even go as far as to say that in the future, it is incumbent on any owners making a claim in this period to verify that the player they are claiming is not currently on a roster. In these cases, I will sometimes ask anyone in the league would like to volunteer to manage the specific portion of the league in question. Usually that gets them to think about the work involved in doing that and prefer to keep their mouths shut about it. Good luck!
  12. He makes it look so easy but the cut at 2m 52s shows all the elite you should need to make him No. 1 overall.
  13. I'm not seeing big things out of him this season. We don't have much to go off of, but this carry at the 22 second mark show a pretty poor cut - slow, with lots of extra footwork in there to get it done. That's not going to cut it once the regular season starts. I have no doubts as to the vision and the power, so i still think there is some value there, but I'd greatly temper my expectations for him - meaning that I probably won't own him anywhere.
  14. Looking at talent alone, and assuming full health for both (which is a stretch for Mack) - Mack wins by a wide margin over Barber.