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  1. 7 catches for 53 yards and a TD on 10 targets in laying an egg? jesus christmas #facepalm
  2. Snell is nasty thats a given, but i will say to this point hes not a Pitcher id want to give a big deal to. Struggles to go deep into games and had a few injuries pop up over the years. If the Rays would stop being so damn cheap they trade him when he has 1 year left on his current deal
  3. Pretty much answered your own question hah
  4. Curious if you could throw out some names, RB landscape is scary out there
  5. Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio reports, "The Rams are currently in discussions regarding a possible trade of RB Todd Gurley." It remains to be seen how much, if anything, teams are willing to give up to trade for Gurley. The 25-year-old RB has a troubling history of knee injuries and is signed through 2023. Releasing Gurley would leave behind an absurd $25.6 million in dead money, making a trade the only potential pathway for the Rams to part ways with their long-time RB. While Gurley managed to score 14 touchdowns last season, his average of 4.2 yards per touch was the lowest mark since his infamous 2016 Jeff Fisher-induced campaign. There's plenty of potential for a committee to emerge in 2020 if Gurley is ultimately back with the Rams.
  6. Brady heading Tampa oddly enough think its a downgrade for evans for fantasy purposes, less shootouts and high scoring games without Winston throwing 30 picks