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  1. This is a joining post for all those boned by late updates on whos playing with this huge slate of games of course smh (Jimmy Butler and Noel are my two)
  2. Nerlens Noel (left ankle soreness) has been ruled out for Monday's game vs. the Rockets. Jan 20, 2020, 5:06 PM ET gee thanks rotoworld for telling us 6 mins AFTER his game locks lol i hate everything
  3. If we are being honest, would have preferred that 😂 over announcing right after the 3pm games lock lol
  4. Big F you to the Heat for Jimmy Butler's less than two hour prior to tip-off "Out" update with a dang near full slate of games
  5. you KNOW them MFers just had to wait until the 3pm slates locked to announce hes out SMH -signed, someone that had a full bench of guys playing they could've subbed in
  6. Never said I did? I was responding to a poster who said it was bizarre that there was speculation over whether the HGH could be giving trout an advantage, which it is not bizarre
  7. Do you know the exact details of Trouts condition? Do you know all the effects HGH has on the body? What the HGH is doing specifically for his condition? etc etc etc this post aint it chief
  8. HGH isnt as black and white as a knee brace my man, or even cortisone injections for swelling, not a good comparison imo, lots of factors go into what HGH does to each individual using it with regards to the extent of the effects it has on ones body EDIT: saw you responded to some others so ill chime in on the knee brace vision etc, anyone in MLB can do that, not everyone can go on HGH and it be legal, so this is uncharted territory and hard to say one way or another what it does for Trouts performance, my guess is it gives him a slight edge but im not a doctor hah IMO knee braces lasik etc isnt any advantage because if someone see's better than you or performed better than you with it, why dont you get one to make it equal ya know
  9. If its a loophole it is what it is, all the news does is make me take his name out of "Best Player in Baseball or possibly Ever" discussion if true
  10. love when guys in probably a 12 team league starts arguing with guys in deeper leagues, such a pointless argument hah but entertaining 12 teamer no Thybulle is merely a streamer for sure 14+ yea very useful depending on your team build, so "wetness" over stocks is warranted, those in 12 teamers should try catch that so the deeper league guys can have their fun and avoid exchanges like we see recently haha
  11. 3pt % down from last year and under 30% to boot, seems like hes becoming a worse shooter hah, weird cause he seemed like he was going to become a typical 3 and D guy, suns must suck at development something fierce
  12. Eff it, just give the pitcher an earpiece where the catcher just says "yo fastball inside here" 😂🤷‍♂️