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  1. I concur...............Round 4 is a go, before that......nah fam
  2. I'd rather see him squat........leg press is what i do because my knee is shot too and it doesnt give me the discomfort of not a doc but makes me curious if hes doing leg press because squatting on that knee still gives him discomfort
  3. Wow thats insane, no idea what they use to rank but Tampa was 10th worst in giving up sacks per game and the run game was abysmal as well, no idea how that equates to a top 10 OL for them hah and pretty much everyone ive spoken with believes the OL is barely average as well (we just drafted an OT in the 1st round too which was widely agreed was a huge need) PFF must be on something good to rank them 7th best OL last year much better rankings imo ^
  4. If i recall, i dont think their Pass Protection was THAT bad it was more their terrible run blocking (i dont remember where they were ranked last season so if anyone has that number feel free to prove me wrong) so think they are done drafting OL they NEED help in the secondary baaaaaad and RB i think is the 2nd biggest need now (your right about Rojo tho, i dont think even the bucs really know what to do with him yet) so id be surprised to see them go elsewhere in round 2
  5. oh yea 100% going to be a RB or DB, zero doubt
  6. Draft is going swimmingly thus far WOOT, got an absolute UNIT at RT now (go see that video of him jumping out of a pool) and now round 2 Bucs are going to be right in the RB run incoming, so hopefully they snag a good pass protection RB #TompaBay
  7. dam, this quarantine is making me go crazy, how tf did that go over my head....sigh
  8. Edit: wow completely over my head on that joke hahahah
  9. FIRE THE CANNONS ITS DRAFT DAY Evans - Godwin - Gronk with Tom Terrific, returned Suh - JPP - Barrett to the D-Line, Drafted Devin White last year out of LSU 1st round to help our LB's, will probably trade OJ Howard for draft picks Draft a RT 1st round and find some DB's later and lets get this SuperBowl! TOMPA BAY 2K20
  10. hes right in the range of low end dart throw or stash type of players for your last roster spot in 12 teamers (14+ he should be rostered imo) shortened season def helps, it gets tough when you have to decide if your gonna want wood or stash the Pearson/Spencer Howard types and the longer we wait for baseball the deeper the fence sinks into those owners who cant decide hah
  11. Yea my thinking is he i doubt he struggles so if healthy choo choo hah but i have both him and richards as well, very popular late round fliers for sure prob right around the Urquidy types
  12. If wood is healthy and performing i dont see how they bump him from the rotation just to get those guys in, and hes been named the No. 5 SP already as well with stripling set to be in the bullpen, May in the Minors is the primary threat but again dont see them calling him up to take woods spot barring injury
  13. nobody mention Alex Wood yet? visited Driveline as well, Velo looked better sitting around 92 compared to 89 last year, if we talking 120 IP for most in a short season thats money for Wood back on the dodgers