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  1. I'll give it a shot. Been playing dynasty for 8 years. bkmffl@yahoo.com
  2. I'd be interested in the JHM team. Been playing dynasty for 8 years. bkmffl@yahoo.com
  3. Are the owners active in the off-season?
  4. Can you post which team has what draft pick? Think I'd take team 2 if you'll have me
  5. If it's for brow freak, I'll take it. 10 years exp bkmffl@yahoo.com
  6. I sent you an invite to slack just in case you want to join. Once I see you join there, I can replace the current owner and send you an invite to the league. 

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    2. JerrBear80


      It says I already invited you. Check your email

    3. JerrBear80


      Once you join slack I will replace current owner, and sent you a  invite. 

    4. JerrBear80


      I just sent you an email too.

  7. Are you still interested in joining my fantasy basketball league, and taking over the Brow Freak. We use Slack for league communication, so this is a must if you want to join this league. I can send you an invite to both if you are still interested. 

  8. I'd love to take team 3. 10 years exp, 6 in dynasty bkmffl@yahoo.com