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  1. 10 team ppr league, We start 1QB 2RB 2WR 1 Superlflex, my keepers are obj, David Johnson and either Melvin Gordon or Keenan Allen. At the moment I have the 8th and 9th pick in the first round after keepers, and the 8th pick in the second, then no picks in the 3rd and 4th Do I try and trade my 2 first rounders to get 1st overall. or keep and get best wr/rb depends on my last keeper and go for best qb with my second first rounder, might be able to get Russell Wilson. thoughts?
  2. Don't like that trade, giving up way to much
  3. I would love both but gurley then bell cause of the hold out.
  4. I would stay with hunt. A significant from mixon to hunt, diggs is injury prone but has a number 1 upside. But I would keep hunt
  5. Thanks for some great responses. Would it make any idea trying to trade my 2 first rounders to get the number 1 overall?
  6. I'd do the trade see if you can switch the second round out for a 3 just to get extra value if not do the trade
  7. Above average, but could be great with the right management
  8. Go Freeman, booker is not winning that job. And a lot of mouth to feed in rams offence
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