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  1. All 4 have concerns to me which makes it tough Eckler - Rivers could get benched mid game etc Mostert - Breida and Coleman Boone - Abdullah White - who knows what game plan Patriots choose to use
  2. In no way am I saying it is his fault, but Chargers are 0-2 vs. 2 not so great teams since he stepped back into the locker room 🤷🏼‍♂️
  3. See I disagree. I’m starting Thompson over James White this week because I see exactly happening this week as last. Pats get up early and could be the Burkhead show again to keep Michel and White fresh.
  4. Not enough love here moving forward! Dude was a PPR monster for a while before getting hurt last year. With Guice out, Thompson is gonna have very good weeks. Starting him this week over James White.
  5. Got him in the 8th round as my 4th WR for now 🤷🏼‍♂️. Wouldn’t mind pairing him up with somebody week 3-4 in a trade to get value because of his name.
  6. Yeah was originally set on Carson and Mack but with Ware being out this week too, it throws Williams back in it. Gonna have to look at a lot of projections and rankings 🤷🏼‍♂️
  7. PPR, obviously championship, Carson/Mack/Damien Williams??
  8. If Ware is out, I am firing up Williams over Mack in my flex. His floor will be 10pts easy with at least 5 catches in PPR, with the possibility of a score or 2.
  9. PPR in my league Drake has 105 pts with 5 total tds and Gore with 60 pts and 1 td. Think I’ll take Drake.
  10. I am actually trading Green for Drake because I have decent depth at WR but need some at RB. Rather have a healthy player than hearing in 2 weeks that they are shutting Green down.
  11. I hope they just make him inactive so I can put Davis in. Leaving him active would suck trying to figure out if he’s full go or not.
  12. With DThomas probably being traded, Sutton has got to be top WR pick up right? I have #1 waiver spot and probably using it on him.
  13. Absolutely rediculous. I’m okay with giving him a shot at the complet game but over 100 pitches, once somebody gets on, take him out to guarantee the dude at least a quality start. Lucky for him to even get the win there. Terrible management.
  14. I don’t think I’ve had a better “it felt so good drop” then when I dropped this fool a couple days ago. Now I will happily roll with Cesar Hernandez or occasionally Chris Taylor.