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  1. How early do I dare draft him next season considering my last 5 picks are generally waiver fodder by week 3 anyway
  2. Seemed obvious they weren't putting him in any position to re-injure his shoulder. The two Drake goal line carries for a pair of TDs says it all lol
  3. He needs more touches. He was sitting at 2 targets for most of the game. Granted they were cutting up the Colts on the ground so they didn't really need to throw at all. Hopefully next week is a closer game
  4. Ya'll are setting yourselves up for disappointment lol This dude's ceiling games are like 15 points
  5. Really feels like Brady isn't trying to upset the chemistry on the team by going to him more, because this dude is constantly open
  6. Ugh, Finley looked like a turd back there. I know the WFT front is pretty good, but that dude has no sense of urgency back there