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  1. I think people are too optimistic on the steals honestly. Predicting somewhere around ~13
  2. I think having a large ballpark helps. Don't quote me but I think KC is one of the worst HR parks, which typically means further fences = more space for the ball to bounce around
  3. Now this seems like an overreaction lol
  4. Started off slow last year and once he started hitting, he didn't stop. Until he got hurt. Played 100 games. I'm ready to get hurt again.
  5. I would love it if he adopted some sort of fireman role of 1-2 innings
  6. Was in Tampa last season and is now with the Brewers and in a better ballpark and lineup. It'll be interesting to see how much playing time Avi will get. Yelich will be every day, as will Cain, but behind them it's Garcia, Braun and Gamel. First base is occupied by Braun and Smoak, so who knows how things will shake out. That said, he's going real late in drafts, but I feel like this guy has the potential to be one of the best outfield value picks this season.
  7. ok maybe definitely pull the plug on this deal lol
  8. I'm starting to wonder if instead of deciding between Rendon/Bichette - what if I go Lindor (1), Scherzer (2), Morton (10) I feel like SS is somewhat deep and if Bichette doesn't steal 15+ then I'll regret it. Starting pitching is always a nightmare and it's also a K/9 league and I feel like Morton might help me out in the 10th more than Bichette would.
  9. Are you guys saying Bichette because you're banking on him stealing 20+ steals? Because last season he was 4 for 8 in steal attempts. If he doesn't crack 15 then he really isn't that different than any other SS you can get around the 10th round.
  10. Oh that's rather interesting then. I'd probably pull the trigger then since your offense is quite solid
  11. I don't have any dynasty experience, but I'm tempted to say Mercado. Rosario is a stacked lineup and would probably be the better short term choice, but I think Mercado has Starling Marte upside with maybe a few less steals which is fun. It's a coin flip for me honestly, I'd be happy with either of them.