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  1. Given how that game went I'm pretty happy with 17 points. Crab Legs overthrew him in the endzone when he had his man beat too smh
  2. Yeah it's really not all that surprising he didn't score more TDs. It's him or Beasley out there and to a lesser extent Knox
  3. I think we're gonna see some garbage time in this one with the Bears having to play catch up. The positive is that the Chiefs are likely going to have to put more attention on Arob than Miller.
  4. You're gonna feel awful if Boone goes belly up while Chubb goes off on your bench
  5. Riding in the championship with Waller without hesitation despite the news that Renfroe plays. Rather lose with Waller putting up a meh day, than lose while he goes off on my bench.
  6. Let someone else draft him high, and grab the hot TE off waivers next year. Last year Kittle was picked up off waivers. This year it was Kittle. Who will it be next season?
  7. I'm more worried about them abandoning the run early to play catch up to the Ravens. If that happens hopefully Chubb is involved in the air
  8. I highly doubt Renfroe plays this week or next
  9. Has Washington next week. It's tempting but I don't think I could start him lol
  10. Wait seriously? Why is this not bigger news lol
  11. For what it's worth, his matchup was more difficult than it looked on paper
  12. they won the game by tearing up the ground game lol
  13. The late season surge might be happening again 👀