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  1. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/miles-mikolas-defies-comparison/ Great read. I'm all-in on this guy. Please take the time to read the attached article, from the industry's best Fangraphs. Be well, and good luck Coaches
  2. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/miles-mikolas-defies-comparison/ I BELIEVE IN THE MAN AND HIS GORGEOUS STACHE!!! Great read. Good luck this season, Coaches
  3. Cody Bellinger has 6 HR's since his last single. FACT
  4. For those that follow Gamecast instead of watching their hurlers take the bump, let me offer this observation. Pitch count is at 10 in top of 1st with no outs. Men on first and second. Have faith: Maeda and Grandal just combined on a strike em out throw em out that was missed when the home plate umpire called ball 4 on Maeda's perfectly-placed 3-2 payoff pitch
  5. Interesting stat: he is Top 15 (or so) in OPS league-wide. That is the most telling stat for what he brings to the table with his plate discipline and average exit velo, avg distance on fly balls, etc The kid is sooooooo close to being must-see television
  6. I concur. I am a raging baseball addict, watch more baseball than any other married man alive. I referenced that only to say this: Altherr looks like a future All-Star. Maybe even by 2018 ASG. His supporting cast is just too weak, his plate discipline is improving daily but he need Maikel Franco to be a danger so badly. He needs protection in that lineup and it simply isn't there. The above prediction for final stats for Altherr is spot-on. I am standing in applause, well done sir
  7. This post is worthy of applause. I picked him up a couple of weeks prior to his MLB debut, loved his AAA performances and still believe in him. Thanks for putting together such an informative collection of relevant data that allows fantasy coaches like me to watch Glasnow's future performances closely. I will be tuned-in. His current ERA and WHIP are just atrocious! Be well mpbaseball22. Thanks again, kid
  8. ...leaves me in wonderment* as to how strong mentally he is... I'm confused a little. Maybe it's the weeeeeed man. Regardless his ADP for 2017 has moved up 80 spots should he stay healthy. We all gawk at his filthy offspeed stuff, but he spots his 94-96 mph fastball very well. He has really been fun to actually WATCH. If you're just following via Gamecast you are missing some great television
  9. Not a chance. Regardless of his performances so far this season he is a plug-n-play for me. Has been for the past 2 seasons. I see him FINALLY getting through the first two innings unscathed and producing a quality starts with his average 7 or so k's
  10. I scooped Judge and made the statement that he's already a better all-around hitter than Stanton. And promptly traded Giancarlo in a package deal with another owner (receiving Trumbo as part of the deal). The above post surprised the heck out of me. Conforto at #130 is okay with me, along with Judge he's another member of my squad that was scooped off the ww in my $$$ league and has become an obvious plug-n-play. Take a look at these rankings and clown along with me, my Rotoworld forum friends! Be well, Coaches
  11. ESPN released updated ROS h2h pts league standings. Wanna guess where Judge is ranked? i bullsh** you NOT...#264I 11 spots behind Granderson! Schimp is ranked 2 spots higher!!! http://www.espn.com/fantasy/baseball/story/_/page/flbrankings2k17_points/mlb-fantasy-baseball-rankings-including-top-300-position-points-leagues