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  1. Fournette, Morris, Collins in that order Play your stud. Help me?
  2. Burkhead and Anderson for me. Help?
  3. I'd go Howard. Weather wont be good for thw game today so they should be running a lot. Help me?
  4. I would still go Doyle. Help me?
  5. I would go Lynch, then Morris here. Marshawn has the volume. Morris does as well, and Cowboys will be running a lot with thw weather today. Help me?
  6. Drake 100%. Will get 20+ touches and is explosive. Help me?
  7. Honestly, as much as it pains me as a Bucs fan, I think its Martin. I think Barber is going to have the job for the rest of the year and they will move on from Dougey Doug this off season. Help me?
  8. I'm going Tate. Stafford is playing and Bucs D is bad. Help me?
  9. Go with Tate. Bucs D is awful and Cooper is supposed to play. Help me?
  10. Thielen, Allen, Gordon. Easy peasy Help me?
  11. Morris and Graham. Cowboys will be running a lot with the weather today, and Graham is much more consistent that Engram Help me?
  12. I would go Drake and Hunt here (he has to score at some point!) Help me?
  13. Kupp Jones and Tate. Stafford is playing and the Bucs are bad. Thanks for help with mine
  14. I would take the flyer on Lewis Help me?
  15. I would roll with what you've got. Cooper isnt going to go crazy against KC again this week coming off injury. Help me?