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  1. Well his changeup was superb in 2019 so I’m confident in a “bounce back” (which really only means he won’t suck it up like he did in his first 6 starts this year when he was dealing with a myriad of problems). But regardless... Hey, by all means don’t believe in the Means! Keep that stock down for me next year 😉 In fantasy baseball you can usually find something or another to support and/or tear down a player. That’s the beauty of it! https://www.pitcherlist.com/way-too-early-top-100-starting-pitcher-rankings-for-2021/ Pitcherlist has them as the #48 SP and they’ve been super accurate the last few seasons. I think this is a pretty fair ranking, I see them as maybe a little better than that, but what do I know. Right now my 3 leagues are 20-30 teams which makes him super valuable at that ranking. In a 10 team redraft I’ll be more than happy drafting him as my SP4/5
  2. I have Means in all my leagues except one and am trying to acquire him there. He's one of my favorite pitchers for next year. His last 4 starts: 6 innings, 1 run, 1 walk, 5 k's 6 innings, 1 run, 1 walk, 4 k's 5.2 innnings, 1 run, 0 walks, 12 k's 6 innings, 1 run, 1 walk, 9 k's Sure, you don't want to base things off a 60 game season, but you also don't want to base means off his rough start to the season. Especially for means- he made a noticeable adjustment in the last 4 games, utilizing his curveball more even though it's not his best pitch, so I don't think it was a fluke. He was basically an opener for his first couple of starts because he was coming off arm soreness and because his dad passed away. His XERA is 3.09 for the ENTIRE YEAR. Statcast LOVES this guy. His first 6 starts are terrible, and he still ends up with a 3.09 XERA? Sign me the heck up! Great ERA, Great Whip, QS's, and some serious K potential as well. Dominant changeup. Good fastball. Incredible command. Get me over curve to balance his repetoire. Possibly my #1 SP target for next year (not #1 overall, but who I might be reaching for the most)
  3. Braves>>>rays>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Dodgers>>>>>>>>>astros In terms of who I want to win
  4. Nobody here repping tier 1 for my boy Darvish?
  5. saying he is a “statcast darling for 3 years now” is HELLA disingenuous when his XBa was 220 in 2019 and 295 this year!!! He’s always had the POWER, yes, but he improved something this year for sure
  6. I think Teoscar has 40+ HR power, not “flirt with 30” power. Like, his xBa is through the roof and so are all his stat cast numbers for power. I’m a believer for sure
  7. never. Again. In a QS league
  8. awesome, didn’t know that! Where’d you hear it?
  9. He struggled this year, but so did a lot of stars. Hoping he figures out the video stuff relatively soon.
  10. Would highly reccomend the MLB league, the one I'm in 😉 (the others are great too tho!)
  11. I would be afraid to take them in the early first round. Late first round or early second round I would be willing to take the risk, probably, especially with Yelich.
  12. I probably go: 1. Acuña 2. Trout 3. Soto 4/5/6: Some combo of Tatis/Ramirez/Betts 7. Story 8. Turner 9/10/11/12/13: Some combo of Bellinger, Yelich, DeGrom, Cole, Bieber 1-8 are the premier hitters with steals minus Soto and Trout who are generational hitters. (And Soto might even get 20 steals, he said he was aiming for that). I wouldn’t blame anyone for taking Soto #2 over Trout but I just have a little more confidence in Trout’s power.
  13. I actually agree more on the “luck” side, though I wouldn’t say it’s 100%. Not just with drafting the right players but also with injuries. there’s some skill in drafting a balanced team, but I think the main “skill” part of the game is more /effort/- spending the time to find good players on the waiver wire. You could describe that as skill but I don’t really think it’s anything that someone that’s equally invested could not do. — I also agree with what some others have said that there’s more skill involved getting to a higher spot- say, making the playoffs- than winning the whole thing. — I disagree with the fact that a bench less league is a “bad” league. I play in 3 leagues right now and all of them are salary cap dynasty leagues with very little WW maneuvering. One of them is 30 teams and it’s almost impossible to find reinforcements. Now THOSE leagues have some legitimate skill- not necessarily the production of your players over a year, but the strategy involved to create a competitive team year over year within the guidelines of the salary cap. (Like a real MLB GM)