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  1. I’ll start it off by saying I’m avoiding Luis Robert
  2. Fbaseballgod


    Draft is coming up and I need major help deciding Vaughn or Jasson. I'm hoping to compete in 1-3 years and I feel like Jasson is 6 years out. Also think Vaughn is a little safer. Is there an objectively right answer?!?
  3. Perdomo was recently ranked as the #88 prospect by Imaginary Brick Wall, and I would not be surprised if he became a consensus top #100 or even higher by the end of the season. Their blurb was as follows: "Elite plate approach transferred to full season ball with a 67/70 K/BB in 116 games split between Full-A and High-A. Power hasn’t shown up yet, but at 6’3”, 184 pounds there is certainly more to come. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 91/18/73/.289/372/.448/16." He's an FV 50 prospect by fangraphs. Over 114 at bats in A ball, at 20 years old, he managed a 12.3% BB rate and a 9.6% K rate. Although obviously he still has a lot to prove, those are money numbers to me. Overall slash line 301/407/387. Previously, also in A ball, he managed an identical 14.5% K and BB rate in A ball, slashing 268/394/357. Obviously, there are flaws to his game, namely the lack of power. But he also had a decent number of steals, too! He compares very similarly to Xavier Edwads, imo, who has recently been getting some love from prospects lists, with a few fewer steals, a little more swing and miss, but maybe even more walks.
  4. you are making this out to be a monumentally complicated process you do something like x number of buzzes per each pitch then for location, same thing. I don’t know why you keep adding on like “slightly low outside” because when catchers set up they can’t be that specific anyway lol
  5. tapping “language?” do you mean just... tapping twice? Once for pitch, once for location?
  6. More like 60 bombs 50 bombs without a juiced ball in Marlins Park
  7. The take in this thread that Trout could legitimately have a medical exemption but still be getting an “advantage” is downright bizarre. What do you think the point of a medical exemption is? Lol
  8. If this is true, there are 3 options. 1) the entire story is bogus 2) The mariners guy is either embellishing or misunderstanding the drug trout takes (or trout’s condition) 3) Trout and the MLB are caught up in a scandalous conspiracy to give him steroids knowing fully well he does not need them In terms of likelihood I’ll go 2,1,3
  9. I mean... if the news is even true, he has a medical exemption for it....
  10. I see they test the buzzer system against the Orioles. It all makes sense now...
  11. the “allegations” are that trout takes HGH for a medical reason. They aren’t even accusing him of breaking any rule. In order to get bothered by this you would have to make the assumptions that 1) it’s true 2) trout does not have a medical reason to take it 3) and then trout LIED about this to the MLB 4) and then the MLB either failed to see through the lie/ let it slide
  12. The trout news is pretty dumb. He literally has a medical exemption for it. Of all the things to get bothered by...
  13. I think this is a pretty good trade in a 30 teamer. In a 20 teamer or below I think I’d pass
  14. This could age horribly, but I just think Luciano has that *it* factor. Yeah, he hasn’t gone above rookie ball. But the K/BB and ISO with his age, combined with the physical tools, is just... extraordinary. Also, just take a look at him swinging. I know this board isn’t that big on the “eye test,” but just do it. Don’t @me when he’s the #2 prospect this time next year