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  1. If no minor league season, will it count against a minor league players service time? Or will this just be a mulligan (so jealous of secretagentman use of feta compli) I honestly thought this season was done once it was reported something along the lines of 6 owners okay with no season.
  2. As a kid my favorite players from before my time were Ty Cobb/Joe Dimaggio. My favorite player for my home team (Orioles) were BJ Surhoff, and Harold Baines. Rest of MLB: Bo Jackson (first baseball card i bought was his 1987 Topps), then Ken Griffey Jr who had the smoothest swing ever. Currently playing always like Kris Bryant.
  3. I think that statement makes more sense then "finding the next Acuna". Because if you are wanting the next Acuna, then Luis Robert already disqualifies himself considering what Roberts is doing now at 22, Acuna did at 19.
  4. Glad people undervalue Saurez. [...] Saurez stats are going in a positive direction where as someone like Bryant is all over the place.
  5. Is this going to be the next Trout/Harper debate? Like Acuna/Soto.
  6. Find it interesting a guy named after Derek Jeter potentially playing for the RedSox. I always was partial for Nomar.
  7. I agree, sounded like someone who needs someone to talk to professionally.
  8. I'm surprised he was not on mlb top prospect list. He had a pretty good year last year. Fell off after traded away.
  9. i doubted Winston last week and it almost cost me. Never again.
  10. Ty Johnson for Kenny Golladay right after Kerryon Johnson went down. Also after week 3 i traded Keenan Allen for Landry and Melvin Gordon.
  11. 12 team half ppr. QB: Winston, Goff RB: Barkely, Aaron Jones, Melvin Gordon WR: Landry, Golladay, Ridley, Woods TE: Revolving door all season.Currently Griffin DEF: Kansas City, Tennesse K: Zuerlan Bench Mostly RB Back ups. Can only start 2 WR so 2 of my WR are also on the bench. 2nd hardest schedule, and 4th in scoring. finished in 9th with a record of 5-8
  12. Oh where to start..lets see started Winston, adam jones who gave me duds. Started Ridley and Landry over Golloday and Robert Woods and had yet another opponent put up a big week against me. 2nd hardest schedule in the league
  13. I grabbed him yesterday with his still IR eligibility than slid him down to the IR and added Griffin in case Njoku doesn't play this week.