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  1. Yeah, it’s kind of sad when fantasy managers refuse to see the logic and financial realities that real life MLB execs are dealing with. But in Shaw’s case, it’s so hard to watch. Everyone knows where this is going. Shaw is striking out so much and being benched a couple of times a week. He’s totally lost. Hiura is the future. I will be amazed if he isn’t up for good by the All-Star Break.
  2. Why did Bogaerts exit the game? Injured?
  3. Hiura hit 2 HRs tonight for San Antonio... That’s 20 on the season between majors and minors. The lunacy will end soon. Shaw’s stock is way down.
  4. Another big game in AAA tonight. 2 for 5 with a HR. He did strike out three times though. Still, I think he’s a great stash for now. He has 17 HRs and 6 SBs between majors and minors this year. This guy is the real deal.
  5. At this point he is looking like a very legit bounce-back player. His performance over the last month is actually starting to reflect his draft day status. I really hope he can keep it going, as he's a genuine talent who has been on a very long road to recovery. Hard not to pull for him. My guess: The buy low window is slamming shut.
  6. So, he’s not in the Round Rock lineup tonight. Anyone know if it’s simply a rest day?
  7. Honestly, I think 3 multi hit games in your first 6 days in the MLB is pretty good. The HR today was a laser. The 4 Ks game was ugly, but just one game. I’m definitely playing wait and see with the Shaw return. That lineup and home ballpark could really help his counting stats, if he can just outplay one ice cold, overrated player.
  8. Sonny Gray looks really sharp in the early going.
  9. Tonight the DBacks strung a couple of soft singles, a couple of fairly well struck singles and a HBP together, and caused Max to give up a couple of runs in the 4th. But the kid was pretty unflappable and hung in for a QS in the end (and hopefully the win). I’m impressed by the fact that he’s so poised and works fairly quickly. Just by way of comparison: I was also keeping tabs on Quintana’s relative dominance of the Marlins this evening. Honestly, Fried was more impressive in terms of stuff and when you take quality of competition in to consideration. This kid could become something special if he refines things just a little. I hope the Braves give him a real shot in the rotation this year.
  10. I watched most of that start, as Yu is one of the biggest question marks from my draft and I'm trying to determine what the heck to do with him. While there is obviously a lot of room for skepticism, I though he looked pretty good at times. There was just enough there, against an admittedly bad team, that I am patiently holding for now. He's definitely still got great stuff. Just needs to make more competitive pitches early in the count, IMHO. (And yes, I though both starters were getting squeezed a bit).
  11. I just scooped him as a free agent, after he was cut loose by another manager. While I recognize he hasn't done much so far, he has strung together a few hits this past week. The upside is still worth a flier in my opinion. If he went 3 for 5 today and stole a base, folks would be scrambling. Sometimes it just takes one good game to spark something in a young player. But I guess roster size plays a big part in whether you have that luxury of benching him.
  12. Why did Sonny Gray leave after 4 excellent innings? Is he hurt? Anyone watching?
  13. I'm mildly annoyed that the home plate umpire took that break to get a band-aid mid AB, when Bauer had Hicks looking at a 1-2 pitch. The guy couldn't wait a couple damn minutes and let the pitcher stay in stride?
  14. Anyone know what his status is moving forward? Did they mention anything during the broadcast? The press was calling it a spot start. But he’s still on the big league roster a night after the start, in spite of all their injuries. Is he sticking around for another start or sliding to the pen?
  15. Too little data available to judge. If you want to drop him fine. His role is uncertain going forward. But basing your analysis on a mere 2 innings of work is ridiculous.
  16. Just saying that cutting him today isn't necessary. Wait and see what his role is.
  17. I'm definitely not in any rush to get rid of Hampson, with his particular skill set and ballpark. I'd love to see him accumulate pos. eligibility until someone inevitably gets hurt or McMahon flops or whatever. I'll be holding until I have no choice due to injuries on my squad or what have you. I remember Trea Turner toiled for a while, before finding full time ABs his first season. I think he even did a return stint to AAA. But once he was a regular, he was the kind of addition who won leagues for you.
  18. Totally expected, obviously. But I feel very good about drafting his talent and seeing what happens with the lineup. He'll still be stealing bases at a pretty good clip.
  19. I Yeah, granted. But, how duped can you really feel experimenting with your last roster spot? I already have Voit, and simply want to possess both long enough to determine which settles in as the regular NYY 1B. I am certainly not counting on Bird to anchor my team. But I do still wonder if there remains a tiny little window of opportunity for this guy to make good on some of last year’s hype. Plenty of smart people were convinced he had 40 HR upside playing in that stadium.
  20. I have to say that looking at the Yankees early season schedule (Baltimore, Detroit, @Baltimore) makes me want to just roster both and just see what happens. You couldn't ask for two more beleaguered opponents to beat up on. If Bird could get some early season confidence brewing, I could see him being a big time add that we're all rushing to make.
  21. I have Voit and have the opportunity to add Bird and pair them until the 1B dust settles in NYY land. I have Cano, McMahon and Hampson on my 2B depth chart (Cano being my starter). Would you cut McMahon to take a flier on Bird? McMahon's spring has been great, but the ball flies in AZ and he doesn't project as a big power bat. (I feel like Hampson's speed potential is too valuable to cut regardless of the early season AB breakdown/position battle in Colorado.)
  22. Not sure I want to drop someone just to see Bird on the bench by mid-April. Do we really take Greg Bird killing it in ST seriously? His projections aren't pretty. It seems to me that the most logical thing would be for Voit owners to double up and ensure they have the NYY starting 1B one way or another.
  23. As of this morning, this guy is 17th in all of MLB in wRC+ for 2018. But I have a hard time finding online discussions or opinion pieces about whether this guy is a genuine breakout player or not. I'm surprised there are only a couple of pages of chatter about him here for the entire year. What am I missing? Are most folks just not buying the sample size so far? I'm trying to compare his future prospects to the like of Andujar and others.
  24. I'll take the high quality innings in whatever way they present themselves. I'm sure he'll make starts. They've already said so. But he'd be a devastating bullpen arm as well. He's definitely someone who should be owned.
  25. It's pretty likely that this guy will be backup again inside of a week. Maybe they clear some regular playing time for him later in the season, but I can't see dropping an upside guy on my bench for a short term situation like Hicks.