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  1. 10 team standard which side do you prefer? Sony/Josh Gordon or Davane Adams/Cooper
  2. People can dismiss him a Just another fast guy and nothing more but they'd be wrong. I am happy to stash him on the end of n my bench to see if he busts out. everyone loves the shiny new toys of this year like Calvin Ridley who had Zip last night, maybe Ridley ends up having a great season idk but to dismiss a guy with Ross' speed, talent, depth chart position on his team, potential target share and upside is a mistake. he's a top 10 NFL draft pick from 1 year ago who is a good route runner a football player not just some Willie Gault like experiment. he's as good as an end of the bench stash as anyone if not better.
  3. We will have to go a few weeks into the season to get a feel for how they will be used. week 1 is a tough match up and probably not a fair assessment. right now I'd say 1A ans 1B flex players.
  4. Invites sent i'll be back in an hour or so if there are any issues
  5. This is not a money league but it is very competitive. How many free Dynasty leagues last 10 years? If you have ever wanted to get into a Dynasty that doesn't disband in a a season or 2 then this is the one. The 2 available teams are really good. Standard scoring with some long TD bonuses. a few seasons ago as a league we decided to drop the D/ST in favor of a small IDP consisting of 1 DT and 2 DP only. we were 16 teams and this is our first year going 14 ( we actually had an original owner pass away and his son in law decided not to return) so the rookie draft includes Veterans from those 2 teams. Slow 3 round message board Draft starts Friday and draft positions and available players are on the league page. The teams are Open Team 2 and open team 3 and I don't consider them to be rebuild projects at all Team 2 (8th pick non smake) Team 3 (6th pick non snake) PM or leave Email I am at work so it may take a bit to respond
  6. I'm up for a draft today btw I was Purple Monkey Dishwasher last year
  7. Thanks guys I don't need him so I think i'll drop him for an upside player
  8. This is Standard scoring Is danny woodhead a consistent flex play in a 10 team Standard? or does he only hold value in PPR