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  1. Any of you ballsy enough to start Damien Williams over him? I’m so torn it hurts
  2. The perfect replacement for Gurley If he sits.
  3. I didn’t realize there was a correction made for him until after I posted this
  4. I need some insight here. I originally won my week 128 - 125.84. Dude had Zeke and Cohen and now with their stat corrections he won with a score of 128.14. Does that sound right?
  5. So then it should only be a 2pt swing, right? Or actually less since it was a loss of yardage. The guy I’m playing got 3 pts. He went from 125.84 to 128.14. It makes no sense
  6. So someone please explain. I was up 128 - 124.84. Now with the stat correction I lost by .14 pts. How is that possible? Shouldn’t it only be a two pt swing? He even lost yardage on the play!
  7. It’s PPR, so Hamilton has been so-so. I pretty much need to pick 2 of those 3 to play. Would you rank Landry above of Hamilton?
  8. So what your thoughts on Landry this week? I’m nervous as hell to play him, but my only other options are Hamilton and Pettis
  9. Bears top DB (Jackson) is injured. On ESPN Chicago they said he is likely out this weeko
  10. Yeah this blows bc my only other viable option is Hamilton who plays tonight. Should I just roll the dice and assume Pettis plays?
  11. Is it crazy to be thinking of starting this guy over Carson in PPR?
  12. In ppr is this guy the better play over Carson?