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  1. In a redraft league, which of those pitchers has the best chance to get called up and contribute to a fantasy lineup this year?
  2. I'm not sure if there's a good explanation but Anderson has only gone 5 innings one of his three starts. Maybe they're still stretching him out. But if wins is a category that could be a concern.
  3. So I occasionally look at ROS fantasy rankings online to see if I'm valuing players accurately in trades, and sometimes I wonder if I'm crazy or the "12 of 16 Experts" are crazy. Is is possible that Miggy and Schwarber have more value than Chavis and Riley? I get that rookies can be flash-in-the-pans but that seems out of whack. I might even vote to veto a trade of Schwarber for Riley or Chavis. Opinions are like A-holes though I suppose. So what are others using for a source for ROS rankings?
  4. If I was a betting man I definitely would have taken the over in Cubs-Phillies with the wind blowing out at Wrigley. Just went over (9.5) in the 4th inning.
  5. I like Franmil. But he doesn't have anywhere near the value of JRam despite the long slump. Maybe a Franmil plus Buehler for JRam seems reasonable.
  6. It's redraft. I figure Lester is due for a letdown. How big of a letdown is the question. And I'm counting on Syndergaard to step it up.
  7. I might consider trading Soroka as he'll likely be limited on innings.
  8. League as in my sig. Give: Marcel Ozuna, Jon Lester Get: Noah Syndergaard
  9. I'd say do that trade. That said, all three players have been pretty hot lately and if they all have big years, the side with two of them wins.
  10. 12 team pts league, redraft Gave: Max Muncy, Robbie Ray Received: Shane Bieber, Omar Narvaez
  11. Wind blowing out at Wrigley vs the Phillies. I've seen that before.
  12. I've never seen a consensus 1st rounder be so bad for so long. I'd probably do that trade if the other owner will take it