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  1. goes both ways. Why spend a premium pick on Wr2 spot when there’s 10 rounds of startable pass catchers? I’ll happily take 3-4 WRs after I have 4 rbs and a TE locked up. WRs are easier to churn on the wire too. Everyone waiting for that magic rb waiver while I scoop WRs weekly for nothing.
  2. @BoudewijnHardly indeed. More like a blindfolded half court shot. This guy is radioactive ☢️
  3. Don’t have to look back far to see he killed it in 2018 after the trade- In the regular season(where your fantasy points count), and another monster playoff game. Healthy DW is a great fit for this offense. I know it, you know it, and the Chiefs know it. CEH time will come in 2021- unless he’s more Bishop Sankey than Brian Westbrook. Haven’t seen him play a single pro snap yet.
  4. This And even with fewer receptions- almost a given- they should be on the field more with Minshew in his second year. With more TD plunges. 3rd round I’ll seriously consider 4th round DRAFT IMMEDIATELY
  5. indeed but you can’t simply remove a players ability to break a big play when the D gives them an opening. That’s not a random event- he did it repeatedly.
  6. you’re missing the point my friend. If it matters to the coach and GM, it matters to your fantasy team. It could be a big run in practice...or a great blitz pickup in camp that earns your player more touches early season. It could be a big postseason and Super Bowl run. whatever influences a teams decision makers is relevant to a players future outlook. Much of it will happen outside of “fantasy scoring weeks.” you know this. Let’s move on
  7. Or...the opposite? Anyone who stops the unstoppable tide is now worthy of DHC attention.
  8. I think it’s likely hyde ends up the primary backup. But Penny is there to sour the stew at some point as well. Between Carson’s injuries and fumbling...there will be a need to cuff him appropriately. Btw Carson had 7 fumbles in 2019. No other player outside of qbs had more than 5. It’s very much an ongoing problem.
  9. let me get this straight...I don’t want to misrepresent your opinion. offseason news doesn’t matter, Draft doesn’t matter, playoffs don’t matter, coaching changes don’t matter... your only consideration for the next season is what happened between early sept and the first week of January last year? 🤔
  10. Fair enough- agree to disagree. Pertinent info about a players outlook is not limited to weeks there are imaginary FANTASY leagues keeping score. An NFL decision maker would be laughed off the podium for claiming so.
  11. 🤔 Football only exists for Cleats if they’re wearing a white number on their helmet or it’s during the fantasy season? good to hear , I’ll take another look. Easy fade at the end of the second in redraft
  12. cant rule it out...but injury was certainly a factor. He never looked comfortable with the offense either. I’m willing to spend a fourth or fifth rounder on him. He’ll get a good workload under O’Brien. Hyde had 1000 in shared duty which is DJs floor barring major injury. Perfect upside Rb3 on my roster.
  13. This is your serious note? Oof.... Eli had 2 great playoff runs amid 15 years of mediocrity. Was he ever a top 5 qb in the years he played? Maybe once? No one ever woke up on gameday and said “as long as we can contain Eli Manning we’ll have a shot.” 😆 Tim Tebow once went 2 for 8 in an NFL game and the broncos WON. He couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. The D was lights out despite TT’s simply dreadful qb play. Elway was one of the most feared qbs in the league for 15 years and had 5 SB appearances. Carried by TD and the defense my azz...he was the reason Denver was so dominant for so long. Anything else is revisionist history. Teams would gear their entire gameplan to trying to stop him. He had that magic like Rodgers or Mahomes. Shutting them down for 3 quarters isnt enough. Mobile, playmaking gunslingers almost ALWAYS post lower completion numbers and more picks. Tarkenton, Elway, Favre, Steve Young.....and on. Mid 50’s to low 60s. They’re never going to be Manning, Brady, or Marino standing back there slicing and dicing.
  14. oh bless..... Stats without context will mislead you every time. So let’s add some. Denver doesn’t sniff the first 3 SB games without repeated heroics from JE- Cherrypicking aside. 5 super bowl appearances in 16 years. 31 career 4th quarter comebacks, 40 game winning drives. Including when Denver needed it the most- time and again. The Broncos owned the AFC West for the better part of 15 years...and were a yearly threat to go to the SB under Elway. He shattered every franchise record. People forget how resourceful John was on the ground too. He wasn’t Lamar Jackson or Vick— no designed runs or rpo. Elway averaged almost 300 rushing yards a year ...mostly when Denver needed a first down. Compare that to Marino who had as many negative rushing seasons as positive. He stood back and slung it but wasn’t able to get the job done when the passing game broke down. John did, with mediocre talent on offense most of his career. He could beat you in so many ways and was never out of the game. Legend
  15. Don’t know about the Gibson part- looks like Kalen Ballage 2 to me. Agree about Guice. He hasn’t proven anything other than an occasional flash before another devastating injury. You all know how this ends. Purple Jesus leads the skins in carries again