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  1. Well u take shots and hope for the best this time of year. Prob shouldn’t have even been close with Cook and Henry out. stings
  2. Confirmed. He did light work and partially stretched for the first time in almost 2 weeks in practice. Officially questionable. Someone is getting a handful of carries behind Boone- don’t really care who.
  3. Wouldn’t recommend it unless he was traded 👀 😂
  4. Yep......Means nothing with a young talent who hasn’t gotten a shot. And I remember a 3rd string Tim Hightower winning me a ship a few seasons back. The Min lead back is almost a must start- they’re too good running.
  5. agreed. Mattison has a high ankle sprain so he’s not a threat anymore than a random COP getting a small amount of work. Boone 15+ touches is a reasonable expectation
  6. lol love the colored chart. Can spot a baseball guy a mile away 😉 Henry is the play my man. Don’t get cute. I’m starting Boone in my standard flex spot- but not a chance you bench Henry ever
  7. I would not. He’s in that big pile of maybe wr2...maybe not.
  8. Bingo bad chargers showed up and made this an easy win without the offense doing much of anything. It’s not as if they exploded while Thielen pouted in the corner LOL. That said... I don’t have the stones to roll him next week vs Pack. But I’m not cutting him and letting someone burn me.
  9. LOTS of doubt Lockett is a gut feeling play. Nothing wrong with positive vibes but let’s not pretend otherwise. They’ve got no shortage of guys who will catch passes from RW- and will try and pound the ball all game if it works. ballsy start based solely on Coachspeak and a pocket full of hope.
  10. Like u said- can’t cut or trade him. He’s on the team for at least one more season. They’ll probably pay Drake too.
  11. it frankly doesn’t matter what the matchup is, or who plays around Rojo. Arians cannot be trusted. Throw the Hail Mary if you must....
  12. Uh huh we’ll see if they pass on the dozen or more rbs in the draft more talented than Mustard
  13. Zero chance I let Ekeler drop to the third in PPR as it sits. But that could change depending on rivers and who else is in that rb room.
  14. Good way to outsmart yourself Cook is the play