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  1. You can add to these players below to the list of available keepers as well, as the 3rd team is on the fence about returning, and if someone else claims the spot by the end of the weekend, then it's theirs to have: Miguel Sano Eloy Jimenez Dan Vogelbach Tim Anderson Jack Flaherty Byron Buxton Jose Contreras Ozzie Albies Ramon Laureano John Lester Tommy LaStella
  2. just sent you an email! let me know if you need anymore info. the 2 spots still available
  3. Here is the thread here. Let me know if you're interested or have any questions
  4. I have 1 spot left. It's a 12 team ESPN points league. I can paste the thread to you with all the details. It is also a keeper league and the notable keepers are listed also
  5. I have 2 available spots for a 12-team, h2h points league on ESPN. It is a keeper league entering its 6th season. Snake draft scheduled for March (haven't decided the actual date yet, but it is approaching sooner than later) There are both iN-SEASON payouts as well as POST-SEASON Payouts listed below: It's $150 entry free (all money protected on LeagueSafe). Daily FAAB waivers that are continuous. Regular season runs from opening day until 1st week of August, and playoffs are 2-week long weekly matchups during month of August (no September to avoid interference with football leagues) There's an 8 SP start limit each week (to prevent teams from just streaming a bunch of scrub pitchers and accumulating points). So you have to strategically decide which SPs to start each week, and who to bench so you won't go over the 8 start limit. The top 4 teams will qualify for the championship bracket. Top 3 are in based on record, and the 4th playoff team will be based on total points scored for the season. 1st - $700 2nd - $320 3rd - $200 4th - $60 ........ The 5th-8th place teams will play in a playoff bracket and the winner will get $25. IN-SEASON PAYOUTS Weekly High Scoring Team : $15/week Monthly High Score: $40 each month. (we play from the start of the season to July, and our playoffs run in August) Best Regular Season Record: $40 Regular Season Total Points: $40 ......... KEEPER INFORMATION Each team keeps 3 players. (1 player who was drafted rounds 4-10 the previous year, and 2 players drafted rounds 11+ or undrafted.) No player drafted rounds 1-3 is eligible to be kept. So this keeps the superstars constantly available during drafts and rotating amongst teams. All keepers are kept for 1 year only, with the exception of one of the players drafted rounds 11+ or undrafted who are eligible to be kept for 2 years. Here is the available list of keepers. There are 2 open spots right now (possibly 3). And so what I'm going to do is combine the keepers of all 2-3 teams together, and have the new owners do a 2-man draft to divide them up so that one team doesn't have a team of worse keepers than another. The 2 guaranteed open spots now have these notable players who are eligible to be kept: Eddie Rosario Miguel Andujar Joan Moncada Tyler Glasnow Kierson Hiura Yoenis Cespedes Dallas Keuchel Wil Myers Madison Bumgarner Clayton Kershaw Adalberto Mondesi Mike Foltynecwicz James McCann Marcus Semien Kyle Schwarber Michael Pineda Shohei Ohtani David Peralta Kirby Yates Jonathan Schoop This list will be divided up between both new owners in a snake-like draft. And once you each have a list of about 9-10 of these names, you'll then be able to narrow it down to the 3 you would choose to keep. Let me know if you're interested by responding here or sending a direct message and I can provide more information!
  6. hey just sent you an email about an open spot in one of my leagues. let me know if interested in more details
  7. Perfect! I just sent you an email invite to transfer you to the old existing owner's spot.
  8. I have a $50 one that is similar. 12 team, PPR with IDP (5 starting spots). Weekly Payouts to the highest scoring team, plus top 7 playoff teams get payouts. Our draft is tonight at 7pm EST. Just looking for one last owner
  9. Damm! Just missed it. No problem though. I'm sure you'll have a blast drafting! Good luck this year