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  1. I’m 0-2 Faced a guy with Russ, Keenan, and Lindsay this week I’m 0-3
  2. And yet I was exactly right with my concern. NE scores a ton, and Josh got nothing.
  3. I’m worried about Flash this weekend. I could see NE up 24-3 at half time. Killing the clock with Burkhead in the 2nd half. Mid you don’t get a big piece in the first half, you might be screwed.
  4. You can always tell what the consensus is on a player based on how many pages of replies they have. Everyone loves Engram
  5. Yep. He actually fell to 1.12. It was a live draft though. I think people were afraid of being heckled or something. I also landed him for $55 in an auction with a $225 budget. Barkley, McCaff, & Kamara went for $72-$74. Just stupid value.
  6. QB: Matt Ryan, Josh Allen RB: ZEKE!!, Devonta Freeman, Leonard Fournette, Justice Hill, Damien Harris WR: Juju, Calvin Ridley, Curtis Samuel, Lockett, Godwin, Geronimo TE: Engram
  7. Obviously there are a few spots in snake drafts that are less than ideal. I have been lucky, but I do mostly auctions. I landed Zeke at 1.12 in a 14 teamer last week. That was the best snake value I’ve seen. I purchased Zeke at a discount in 75% of the auctions I’ve done this year. He’s my most widely owned player.
  8. Houston is about out of assets. They’ve already moved Clowney. They gave up future picks for Duke...and then Hyde. Then they gave up a ton for Tunsil. He wont be a Texan. If they wanted to pay Melvin, they wouldn’t have traded for Duke and Hyde.
  9. How is there any market for Melvin right now? It takes a perfect storm for him to get traded. You need a team with cap space first. Then they need to have a hole at RB. Then they need to feel that Melvin puts them over the top. Then they need to be comfortable giving up assets to get him. I dont see it. Melvin won’t play this year if it’s not in a Chargers uniform.
  10. Zeke is going to end up being the best 1st round bargain in 2019. Anyone who took DJ over Zeke is going to hate it. It won’t take long to see the mistake either.
  11. That link won't work until you set the league to "public" I'm in though. Philvanommeren@yahoo.com Send me an invite please
  12. Yes. We're going to hold with that draft time. It worked better for a few of the members