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  1. Lots of conversation here but haven't really seen anyone mentioning the salary cap. Everyone saying "pay him whatever he wants" are ignoring the fact that the Steelers have to get a contract done that benefits the team. Other players need to get paid too. People are acting like the Steelers immediately tagged Bell both years without even attempting to negotiate a long-term deal with him. By all accounts the Steelers offered Bell a generous long-term contract, but Bell turned it down because he thinks his contract should be two player's worth (RB + WR). Bell deserves a big contract, but not one that's going to screw any team from signing other players.
  2. Wow, so apparently VJax and some team reached terms on a one-year deal yesterday, but that team could not work out a trade with the Chargers. Wonder which team.
  3. Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune has "heard speculation...from an NFL person" that the Rams will call the Chargers about the availability of unsigned restricted free agent Vincent Jackson. With Donnie Avery on I.R. and Keenan Burton (knee) shut down, now is the time if the Rams are going to make a move. Acee does make it clear that this is not a report and only "speculation," but confirms that "more than Seattle has called" about Jackson. In a wide-open NFC West, the Rams could take a big jump with an improved passing attack. It doesn't hurt that V-Jax would also help Steven Jackson as one of the NFL's top run-blocking wideouts. I don't see any way he sits all year. The Chargers would be epic idiots to let him just walk for nothing. May as well trade him and get a fairly high draft pick out of him. There have to be at least one or two WR needy teams willing to pay VJax enough to get him to sign. Washington seems like such a perfect fit, but apparently the Rams are interested right now.
  4. I don't think VJax plays for SD this year, at all. SD's GM is the biggest idiot in football. He thinks he's some kind of cool guy, bad arse for taking this hardline on players when he is really a dolt. If I was a Chargers fan, I would be calling for his head. That said, they should just go ahead and trade VJax to the Redskins. This is Dan Snyder we're talking about, he would likely be willing to give full value and more to get him.