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  1. I actually made the move to pick up Darnold last week for this very reason. #greatmindsandallthat
  2. I'm desperate for a TE this week, so looking forward to learning more about this youngin'.
  3. I'm at the point where I want all them points or the zero that comes with this uncertainty... To quote the greatest band of our generation, O-Town: "Cause I want it allllll, or nothingggg at alllllll!"
  4. I offered Michel and Dede... he said no. He countered with OBJ for Reek and Michel. Like, it's not a "no" from me... but it is a "he!! no."
  5. Lost Reek in Week 1. Lost Brees in Week 2. I made a few trades to see if I can dig myself out of this 0-5 hole. I spend too much time on FF to be this dang bad. I pretty much have to win out to make it into the playoffs.
  6. Kyler, Edelman, Fitz, 4nette, Tyreek, Dissly, SF Defense, Gay the Kicker and my RB2 is either Michel, RoJo, McCoy. We shall see...
  7. I'm starting him alongside Lenny and over Michel and Duke Johnson.
  8. Guys, In a PPR, I started 0-2 and I think my hand is being forced here. I have Brees and Tyreek collecting dust in a valuable time. I have an offer from a guy that started 2-0 who has flexibility. I have a bid in to get Kyler to replace Brees. Here is the proposal from him: My Brees, Tyreek, Mike Thomas for his Lockett, AB, and Latavius My roster at the moment: Brees Thomas, Tyreek, Dede, Mecole, Quinn, Golden Tate Fournette, Michel, Duke, Peterson, Kareem Graham Dallas Maher SHOULD I PULL THE TRIGGER OR AM I PANICKING?
  9. I drafted him as a late round flyer... I think he gets volume in the slot, proving valuable in PPR. Snag him up while he is available.