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  1. I traded for him in my dynasty league last season (traded Kennard for him). So i'm on the hype train for good months, and all in on him this year. I really think he is going to have a very good year.
  2. With jrue in town, is it better or worse for him? I think that if he can mantain his blocks and add a little more 3's he is still a very good option. What are your thoughts?
  3. With the previous big men moving, will he perform better this year?
  4. How do you guys feel about the rookies? I think Cole Anthoy can have some impact from the jump, cause he will fight for minutes w/ Fultz and MCW. I'm thinking a late late gamble on Vernon Carey Jr, as the Center situation in Charlotte is awful and he can even start.
  5. Now, without Jrue, can he repeat last year's numbers? Maybe improve? What round you guys are taking him?
  6. So, with the Rubio trade, is he rocketing up for the season?