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  1. Good ol' Foul Trouble... Its been a while
  2. Finally decent minute, another solid performance. Great Fg and rebounding Unleash him, Malone!
  3. Agree. But if he is talented enough, he'll climb his way to more minutes, if he keeps healthy. Thats my point.
  4. Almost 2 weeks w/out playing, plus a healthy roster and a very careful aproach with him, i can see him slowly getting back his minutes. Need to be patient, we all know the talent is there.
  5. It's all about the minutes. If he continues to get 20-25min per night, he will deliver some good numbers. I cant see him having minutes and not having any impact. But of course, Denver's roster doesnt really help us on that
  6. Had him all year long in a fantasy league. Finally paying off, hopefully will be their starting SG for the next couple of years.
  7. Want to know about it too. I'm about to drop Gafford for him on a Dynasty, 18-team. Solid move?
  8. I think the minutes share was due to the Blowout, am i wrong?
  9. Just 23 mins, who would have thought the Pelicans would blowout a team...
  10. My way of thinking is: He is on way less stacked roster then Denver, with no clear nÂș1 SG like Denver has. This alone is a good sign for him. Now is up to him to earn the starting spot. I'm confident he will, but even as a reserve, he'll get more minutes then he had in Denver.
  11. Sprained Ankle. I guess they are just being carefull with him, and i would bet he plays saturday.
  12. Does he benefit from the trade? What do you guys think?
  13. Have him in my dynasty deep league already. Could be a good buff for my team.